Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Engagement Story: Kristin and Scott

It is always nice to leave the redness of Wolfpack territory and head over to Tar Heel heaven :)  
Don't hate now, just because I grew up in NC State's front yard does not mean that I wear red during basketball season.  My Mom grew up a UNC-CH sports fan and it happened to rub off on my sister and I.  

Kristin and Scott met in high school... they graduated and headed to two different colleges.  Scott just couldn't stay far from Kristin so he transferred to Carolina to be with her.  Scott saw another engagement shoot I did on Facebook and contacted me from there.  They were brave enough to wake up early to do the shoot on a morning that was just threatening to rain.  I just loved everything about their shoot- including the fact that a few minutes after we finished the shoot the rain came pouring down.

A favorite place to start for most Tarheels- the Old Well.

NAS_6535 copy

NAS_6615 copy

I believe I remember Scott telling me that there is a legend that if you sit with (or kiss) your love on this bench then you will be together forever-- is that right Scott?
I am sure it will work that way for these two!

NAS_6628 copy

NAS_6670 copy

NAS_6668 copy

Walking around the quad... I am sure they were reminiscing.

NAS_6747 copy

NAS_6790 copy

NAS_6784 copy

NAS_6832 copy

I have to admit that UNC-CH's bell tower is much prettier than NC State's...

NAS_6923 copy

Scott is so excited to be engaged to Kristen :)

NAS_6950 copy

HELLO adorable couple against an adorable blue ceiling!

NAS_6962 copy

NAS_6965 copy

NAS_6979 copy

Nothing like an outfit change and a stroll down Franklin St...

NAS_7002 copy

NAS_7004 copy

If you have not noticed yet, Scott is a cuddly man.  
He was totally loving it that he got to cuddle and smooch on Kristin so much during this shoot.

NAS_7074 copy

NAS_7141 copy

You know, I just saw the rings of the tree stump as a symbol for all the wonderful moments/minutes/days/weeks/months/years that Kristin and Scott will have together.

NAS_7146 copy

NAS_7172 copy

Kristin, it is so obvious this man ADORES you!  Love that!

NAS_7195 copy

NAS_7214 copy

NAS_7208 copy

NAS_7222 copy

Kristin and Scott- Thanks for getting up early to hang out with me in Chapel Hill!  I had such a great time with you two and cannot wait for you to see the rest of your images.  Hope the wedding planning continues to go well!

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Trista said...

This is my favorite shoot! Maybe it will give my boyfriend some inspiration! Keep up the good work!