Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook Story :) For Fun!

Don't lie to me- I know you are all on Facebook :)  

I have a Story Photographer's page over there in that world.  I generally post the images I have blogged so that the people involved can be tagged in their pictures.  

Lately I have had several brides ask me for some nontraditional options or ideas for their wedding days.  I have decided that I am going to offer random wedding ideas/advice/trends/etc status updates from that page.  I see lots of cool stuff at weddings and I would love to help pass along ideas to you!  Head on over and "become a fan" of the page so you can see these random suggestions- they will probably not end up on the blog... HOWEVER, I will give you one right now...

I love the website "Offbeat Bride: altar your thinking".  They have an advice column and a reader wrote in to ask for alternatives to a unity candle/sand ceremony.  The columnist brings up a great idea of a ring warming.  This concept works better for a smaller wedding I would thing, but the officiant explains to the guests that the rings will be passed from person to person, and everyone is to offer up a wedding blessing, loving thoughts, a prayer (whatever you are so inclined to do) when one of the rings gets to them.  Then when the rings reach the front they are all warmed up with love from the very people who support your relationship the most.  LOVE THAT.   David and I also found an alternative to the candles or the sand in that we had both of our parents walk us in/down the aisle.  Instead of asking "who gives this bride", we had our parents hold each of our hands and then all four of them brought mine and David's hands together while our officiants did a reading about what our hands would be to each other.  This was one of my favorite parts of the ceremony.  

Here is the shot of the hands uniting- courtesy of Rebecca Mill!
AS222 copy

Think outside the box!  If you don't like a specific wedding tradition or do not feel like it reflects your personalities, find a new one! :)

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Terry-Michael said...

the "hands" ceremony was one of my favorite wedding moments I've been a part of.