Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Personal Story: Third Wedding Anniversary

It already seems like forever ago, but last week David and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  My extended family all shares a condo at the beach so David and I packed up the imac (I'll admit that I did do a little work while I was there) and headed out for a week!  

Wow, we needed the rest and time together!!  

A year ago we were making tons of changes to our blog, website, logo, business cards, etc to become "Story Photographers".  In the past year the business has grown and flourished- we could not be more grateful and blissfully amazed at how fast our business has grown in the past 2-3 years.  In the midst of the business taking off, David and I experienced serious tragedy in the nature of my father's death - suicide - and have been trudging through the large mess that was left for my whole family to deal with on various levels since then.  

As I was reflecting on my third year of marriage with David Teeter and here it is in a nutshell: while this quite possibly could have been the most difficult year that I will ever have to experience, I would not take it back- any time spent loving, growing, learning, hurting, succeeding, struggling, etc with David is time that is precious to me.  From the first day I met David, he has shown me how someone can "be a man" in a new way, a way that I love and respect so much.  

David- thank you for sticking this year out and working so hard for the Stephenson women.  
I love you.

*wiping tears*

Here are a few shots we grabbed with our point&shoot on our trip...

On the evening of our anniversary, we ate at our favorite restaurant on the water--
if you are lucky I will tell you the name of it.

IMG_0399 copy

On the beach after dinner watching some crazy storm clouds roll in.

IMG_0417 copy

IMG_0421 copy

We have tons of shoots and a wedding to blog so check back!


Paola said...

Beautiful, Ashley! It's such a blessing to find that perfect person, and it sounds like you have found him! what a great blog post especially amongst all the wedding photos, a little piece of hope for all us newcomers!

cceeyore said...

Benjamin & I learned something very valuable during our "hard" year(s) ... trust God. Rely on God alone and He will care for your needs. God knows the plans He has for you ... plans for prosper you, encourage you, strengthen you, mold you, shape you, and create you to be a loving wife, loving husband, and one day, loving parents. Rely on Him and Him alone every day and you will not be disappointed. Happy Anniversary! Love you Ashley!

april said...


What a sweet, sweet post.

Hayes said...

Your beautiful work and life inspire me every day.

the.indie.image said...

y'all are so friggin' cute. haha.