Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Story: Becca and Paul

This wedding was just fun.  The bride was fun.  The groom was fun.  Their people were fun.  David and I met Paul (and many of his people at the wedding) at Campbell, so it is always good to be around familiar faces.  Paul and Becca have so much positive energy and huge love for one another that I am sure their love lit up Richmond on their wedding day.  

Paul had big plans for taking David and the groomsmen all over 
Richmond to tons of funky spots for pictures- he delivered...

DRT_1456 copy

One thing you are going to learn about Paul (and the company he keeps) 
is that he has a fabulous sense of humor- enjoy.

DRT_1447 copy

DRT_1412 copy

The feel of this edit-and their action-makes me think this is a still from an old movie.

DRT_1661 copy

"Uneeda Biscuit: only in packages"

DRT_1699 copy

DRT_1755 copy

Paul floats people in his spare time.

DRT_1963 copy

There were so many other places Paul took the guys but hey, 
I gotta start showing you the rest of the wedding at some point, right!?
(yes that cloud is real)

DRT_2056 copy

Hair and makeup for the ladies while the guys were out playing.

NAS_9682 copy

NAS_9842 copy



NAS_0260 copy

Becca and several of her ladies are dancers (you will see more about that later!) and the Richmond ballet was next door- had to work that in!

NAS_0015 copy

NAS_0023 copy

NAS_0141 copy

Becca got teary after reading a sweet card from Paul.

NAS_0353 copy

Pre-wedding prayer time...

NAS_0384 copy

Sand ceremony...

NAS_0704 copy

The ring bearer (his daddy was a groomsman)
 made quite the entrance down the aisle in this remote control car.

NAS_0888 copy

After the ceremony we took the hotel shuttle to Brown Island where there were several awesome bridges, fountains, grass fields, etc and so on.  Just like with David and the guys, I think I need 5 other posts to show you everything we accomplished here...

NAS_1012 copy

There were all these boring quotes and I just happened to ask 
Becca and Paul to stand on this one... I leaned over to read it and WOW!  
We all fell in love with it.  I want this on a canvas ASAP.

NAS_1024 copy

The girls put this together all by themselves.
I told them they look like woodland fairies in those flow-ly dresses, barefoot.

NAS_1095 copy

NAS_1162 copy

Ok so I like both of these... which one is your fav?


NAS_1221 copy

Becca and Paul did a "traditional" first dance... 
then Becca, being the fabulous dancer she is, put together a little 
something-something with Paul.  PLEASE check out her arm muscles.

NAS_1487 copy

NAS_1515 copy

NAS_1520 copy

NAS_1642 copy


Two highlights from the reception:
1. Scott wrote a wedding song for Becca and Paul to the tune of Thriller.  Apparently Paul did something similar for Scott's wedding.
2. They did the "married couple dance" and found that Becca's grandparents were the ones that had been married the longest... 63 years!!  We've seen this dance many times, but have never seen a couple that had been married this long!


The guests were instructed to come up to the mic and sing a song with the word "love" in it, 
and when they said "love" Becca and Paul were supposed to kiss...

DRT_2606 copy

Look at Becca's form!  
This is a rare occurrence, but there I am in the shot- 
just thought I would put that out there :)

DRT_3003 copy

It's a shame these two never changed their facial expressions 
(whew I hope you know I am being sarcastic!)

NAS_2974 copy

Becca and Paul:  What a great day you two had!!  We were thrilled to be a part of the fun.  You two energized us and kept us creative- we loved it.  Hope Jamaica was FABULOUS!

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