Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Story: Kathryn and Stephen

DRT_4438 copy

* Their favors were from China--if you want to marry someone you are supposed to throw this ball at them.  Did I tell that story correctly?

David and I came right off of vacation refreshed and ready to shoot this wedding!  Stephen is one of my best friends, my kindred-spirit-Jennifer's, older brother.  I am sure I could have worded that last sentence in a more grammatically correct manner, but I choose not to for emphasis.

Stephen and Kathryn did what we love most-- made the details of their wedding reflect who they are and what they are about.  It was just beautiful to learn little bits about them here and there throughout the day...

The ladies started off at Alter Ego.  
I was LOVING it- so much color and funky to work with in one small area.  
I could have stayed there all day.


Kathryn's Mom and sister sharing some love while the bride gets her makeup done.

NAS_3108 copy

Stephen was elsewhere, doing his own hair :)

DRT_3713 copy

I would SO wear Kathryn's dress.  And I finally get to shoot a birdcage veil!!

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NAS_3298 copy

NAS_3336 copy


That smile says everything- 
this bride has laid her eyes on her groom 
and nothing is going to stop her from heading down that aisle!

NAS_3432 copy

This was the first catholic wedding that David and I had shot.  
I love getting new experiences like that!
It was truly a beautiful service.

NAS_3537 copy

NAS_3542 copy

NAS_3622 copy

These people are MARRIED!

NAS_3723 copy

LOVE this shot that David caught as they were 
sneaking out of the church to hide before pictures.

DRT_4206 copy

On the way to the reception at All Saints Chapel, we stopped by the Capitol building.
These two and their people worked it out and it looked like another time period... 
and it looked like they lived there!

NAS_3886 copy

NAS_3911 copy

NAS_3932 copy

I feel like they are waiting to be served afternoon tea...

NAS_4002 copy

Calm moment during the food blessing...

DRT_4430 copy

Kathryn's parents worked in China and 
she lived there for quite awhile so there were many Chinese influences throughout the day.  
The lunch, however, was some NC barbecue... YUM!
David's detail shooting was on fire.  Do you SEE the barbecue sauce?!


Sweet, sweet parent dances.


The little flowers on this cake are called plum flowers, 
which I heard is also Kathryn's Chinese last name.

NAS_4557 copy

NAS_4590 copy

Preparing for the getaway!

DRT_4767 copy

My kindred spirit sneaks a dance with her big brother before he leaves.

NAS_5539 copy

And they are off to NYC!

NAS_5634 copy

NAS_5638 copy

Kathryn and Stephen: Thank you again for inviting David and I into your wedding day.  It was gorgeous and inspiring from beginning to end.  Your love and excitement about being married was radiating.  You two are awesome!

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