Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Engagement Story: Hallie and Drew

Let me just tell you, Hallie and I go way back. We met in high school, went to youth group together, then lived together our first semester at Campbell (she later left me to go to Appalachian). Hallie was there when I first met David. She endured my taking many rolls of film of everything we did in high school and college. When Drew and Hallie first started dating I did a little shoot with them behind their apartment complex on the side of the mountain with my film SLR.

I was beyond thrilled and honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next May! While I certainly can not shoot her wedding while I am wearing an adorable kelly green j.crew dress, I knew I could at least do her engagement shoot! So Hallie, Drew and I drove around downtown Raleigh and tried out some new spots I had been eyeing...

DRT_7127 copy

Love them together...

DRT_7098 copy

DRT_7091 copy

Hallie was workin' it... must be the sassy shoes.

DRT_7154 copy

DRT_7217 copy

DRT_7164 copy

DRT_7267 copy

I hit the jackpot when I found this next spot... this was my favorite!

DRT_7296 copy

The first image is straight out of camera, the second has had a little photoshop love...

DRT_7339 copy

DRT_7337 copy

DRT_7308 copy

DRT_7312 copy

DRT_7319 copy

DRT_7358 copy

DRT_7346 copy

DRT_7389 copy

DRT_7451 copy

You said you liked it when I showed you before and after... here is another example.
This first image in straight out of camera, the second after some photoshop love.

DRT_7536 copy

DRT_7536 copy 2

While this green wall was not a new spot, I knew I had to use it since Hallie's color is green.

DRT_7583 copy

DRT_7588 copy

DRT_7608 copy

Had to-- they are getting married on the 15th.
P.S. Please check out Hallie's adorable shoes. Ok thanks.

DRT_7577 copy

I cannot get enough of yummy backlighting and sunflare...

DRT_7656 copy

DRT_7677 copy

Steamy yet magical...

DRT_7681 copy

This is the portion of the show where we give Drew mad credit for picking out a fabulous ring...

DRT_7687 copy

DRT_7706 copy

Workin' it out. Drew, thank you for showing us how a blue polo can be rocked :)

DRT_7711 copy

Hmax and Drew: I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day! I had an awesome time doing this shoot with you two... hope I did not disappoint. I love you both!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Engagement Story: Candace and Brandon

I am just crazy about this engagement shoot!! Candace and Brandon were so cute and fun to work with. The way we met was a little, um, unconventional. I went to a funeral of a family member of one of my best friends. This best friend, who also happens to be Brandon's best man, introduced us in the parking lot of the funeral home--he made me give them one of my cards. What a friend-- still networking for me even at a funeral (love you J!).

From the beginning, Brandon let me know he was having pains over having to do an engagement shoot. I am sure he is not the first man out there to feel this way. Candace warned him that an engagement shoot every Friday till their May 2010 wedding was part of the package... thankfully for him that is so not true :)

It was a beautiful day to explore the Arboretum--there is so much there to work with. Plus every season the staff changes out the plants for that season so it is always looking different. We started out in the rows of flower beds...

Luckily Candace and I are very persuasive -- Brandon's photo-pain does not seem to be showing in any of the images I captured...

DRT_3408 copy

DRT_3462 copy

DRT_3452 copy

DRT_3492 copy

DRT_3532 copy

I want to put this next set on my wall in the form of huge canvases... I LOVE these!!

DRT_3566 copy

DRT_3579 copy

DRT_3571 copy

Candace get outta here with your gorgeous self!!!

DRT_3600 copy

DRT_3644 copy

DRT_3653 copy

Ok so Brandon had to let out a little angst...

DRT_3658 copy

DRT_3680 copy

DRT_3704 copy

DRT_3867 copy

DRT_3748 copy

DRT_3751 copy

DRT_3989 copy

DRT_4042 copy

DRT_4032 copy

LOVE this...

DRT_4030 copy

DRT_4069 copy

DRT_4101 copy

DRT_4123 copy

Candace and Brandon- I can't wait to shoot your wedding next May... I already know we are going to have an awesome time together, right Brandon?? :)