Monday, September 28, 2009

Bridal Story: Lori

My goodness do I have lots of fabulous shoots to share with you! Before sharing Lori's wedding day with you, I want to share a few shots from her bridal shoot at Pullen Park in Raleigh...

loriHbridal014 copy

loriHbridal007 copy

loriHbridal028 copy

loriHbridal074 copy

loriHbridal075 copy

loriHbridal069 copy

loriHbridal092 copy

loriHbridal103 copy

loriHbridal110 copy

loriHbridal125 copy


Anonymous said...

oh the red shoes...but you only see them in the first pictures...did you get more??? that is totally a fun way to express yourself as a bride! oh how i wish i had thought of that some 7 years ago cause I love love love me some red shoes!!! once again Ashley...amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am Lorie's Mom - What a fun shoot we had in Pullen Park! I have to say, though, that I was most struck after helping lift Lorie onto that horse - in that beautiful gown and red shoes! This time I stepped away so Ashley could shoot. When I looked back I saw the little girl I had so many times lifted onto Merry-go-round horses and stood along side so she would not fall off! This was different. My little girl was all grown up and quite able to stay up there without me. She was a beautiful, beautiful bride. I am so very proud of her - but also glad she now has Preston to "steady" her life. Thanks, Ashley and David, for capturing Lorie's and Preston's story!