Thursday, September 3, 2009

Personal Post:Thanks!

Things have been slow around the blog this week. I've got plenty to post and will resume posting soon.

This week has been tough as my family and I remember my Dad passing away one year ago. This week the priority has been to work on weddings and to take time for myself. I have probably not done enough of the latter, but I am working on it.

I want to thank each of you for the ways you have been supportive of me and my family during this tough year.

On to a lighter note(s)....

Don't forget to head over to Facebook and add us! I have been posting lots of fun and helpful tips for your wedding day or portrait session. I might even start posting tips for taking better pictures!

Random pictures to help get the day going...

David and I got to participate in a wedding last weekend!
That's why this picture was taken on our point&shoot- I did not want to be rude to the actual photographer for the day and bust up in there with all our equipment.
The wedding was our good friends Lauren and Adam.
They did the hand ceremony and WHEW, David and I both just cried.
We had not heard all the words since we were married and after such a tough year, it was so beautiful to be reminded of those things we promised to one another.

IMG_0463 copy

Wedding professionals like to hang out :)
Elizabeth, April, David and I went out to dinner and had the BEST time eating, laughing and talking. Who said photographers from different studios can't be friends!?
(April you can thank me later for not posting the embarrassing pictures of you...)

IMG_0451 copy


Paola and Wes said...

Ashley, you look beautiful, and David looks quite dapper! Hope you had fun! Thinking of you this week...

Emily Dunkle said...

Um hi that top picture of you and David is extremely sexy.

april said...

haha.. I love you. i think the camel toe should have made it, but that was for your eyes only. i have loved the time I've had with you this year. You are so special to me.

Chase said...

That picture of you two is so cute! How nice to be good behind AND in front of the camera