Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trash the Dress Story: Paola and Wes

It makes me all giddy inside when a bride tells me--"Let's do it! Let's trash the dress!!" I am not sure that Paola had planned to do such a crazybeautiful thing, however after seeing the multiple red wine stains on her dress (amongst the typical dirt from where a million people step on your dress at the reception) she decided she might as well!

So Paola and Wes had me meet them at Wes' family's beach house in Atlantic beach so we could get some shots on their boat and play on the beach. LOVE THAT.

*EDIT* Paola said that the salt water and sand actually helped take out stains instead of making her dress dirtier!

There were crazy storms coming from different directions headed toward the beach, so while the water was insane, the sky remained a ridiculas sapphire blue.

NAS_0168 copy

NAS_0188 copy

NAS_0217 copy

NAS_0251 copy

NAS_0239 copy

NAS_0259 copy


NAS_0270 copy

NAS_0282 copy

NAS_0329 copy

NAS_0341 copy

NAS_0350 copy

NAS_0368 copy

NAS_0363 copy

NAS_0407 copy

Ladies, there are those shoes you loved so much!

NAS_0490 copy

NAS_0502 copy

I think they were having fun... don't you?!

NAS_0544 copy

A little love on dry land...

NAS_0592 copy

NAS_0602 copy

NAS_0685 copy

The incoming storms had the water severely churned up--lots of sea foam!

NAS_0777 copy

NAS_0819 copy

NAS_0786 copy

NAS_0850 copy

NAS_0839 copy

Paola and Wes: I had soo much fun with you guys hanging out on the boat, running around on the beach and splashing in the water. Thanks for trashing your dress!


Zoe said...

you've done it again Ashley...simply stunning :)

Paul said...

That last foam shot is WILD. Kinda cool that she left a trail in the one before.

the.indie.image said...

fun fun!!