Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Story: Allison and Scott

There was so much love at this wedding... love between parents and children, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc. You could feel it in the air.

Allison and Scott had scheduled the day so that they could show each other and those around them love in as many ways possible.

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Being the oldest of two girls in my family, I can appreciate that love that Allison's little sister kept sharing with her throughout the day... hugs, smiles- she even did Allison's makeup.

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I cannot forget Allison's newest "little sister" who snuck into the getting ready process.

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Allison and Scott chose to see each other before the wedding. It might seem like a crazy thing to do, but even traditional couples love the way that it allows them special time together, and seems to alleviate some of the stress of the typical wedding day schedule.

Allison, Scott, their parents and the officiant had a beautiful time of prayer together when the couple first saw each other...

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We did some pictures before the ceremony and then ended up having some more time to do photos after the ceremony while the staff flipped the ceremony space.

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I was touched by the emotion that Allison and Scott showed throughout the day. Allison was like me on my wedding day--a crier. There is something so humbling and sacred about excepting the task to be someone's life partner in front of all the people that mean the most to the two of you. Some people advise the bride not to cry- "messes up the makeup, will look bad in pictures". I say CRY! What is wrong with feeling the emotions on your wedding day!?

Prayer at the altar during the ceremony...

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DRT_8262 copy


DRT_8486 copy

and Gentlemen.

DRT_0832 copy

This looks like a wedding dress ad...
and I promise I did not tell that precious flower girl to do that!
She was just that cute on her own.

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Prestonwood Country Club was simply gorgeous to shoot in and around.


I love this opening moment to the reception after the wedding party was announced.
During the blessing everyone held hands around the entire ballroom.

DRT_9018 copy


DRT_9031 copy

Allison's sister surprised the couple and choreographed a dance for the newlyweds-
it was gorgeous.

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DRT_9246 copy

A few times throughout the night I would see Allison and Scott take a break from greeting their guests and dance together. There would be tons of people around them but they were locked in their own moment...

DRT_0080 copy

DRT_0157 copy

The look that David caught on Scott's face during the garter removal is too cute...

DRT_0288 copy

Scott and Allison's people know how to blow some bubbles!! It looked like that scene from the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"- very impressive.

DRT_0297 copy

Allison and Scott- It was an honor to witness all the different types of love shown and shared throughout your wedding day. Thank you for the opportunity! We hope you had a fabulous honeymoon!

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Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job of capturing the moments and emotions of the day! I've been checking frequently for these pictures to be posted and I've enjoyed seeing more of your work as I've waited... thanks for sharing this and other stories :)