Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedding Story: Katherine and Jed

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This wedding had so much photographer eye candy... can I just start off the post by saying that!? David and I headed to this gorgeous plantation home confident that the day was going to be beautiful. No more talking--- let's see the images!

You know it's going to be a good day when you get all giddy taking detail shots...



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The flower girl was so precious getting her hair done...

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The guys got ready at another fabulous house near by...


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It was a bright day, but the light was still nice.
The second shot was actually from later in the day...


NAS_1449 copy

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Katherine's Dad was so cute.
He was wearing the same cowboy boots at Katherine's wedding that he wore at
his own 30+ years ago. He said that if he had been married that long then it certainly did not hurt to wear those boots to his daughters wedding as well to give her luck.

NAS_1648 copy

Katherine, her Dad and the flower girls rode a horse drawn carriage up the long driveway to the front porch where the ceremony was taking place. You can thank David for this incredible shot.

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This flower girl was not tossing just any rose petals...
Those rose petals were gradually collected through out all the years Katherine and Jed were dating, as Jed gave Katherine the roses.

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NAS_2025 copy

As they left the ceremony I got to hop in the carriage with them. I love this moment not too far from the ceremony where they stare at their rings in awe-- it's for real... married!

NAS_2145 copy

Katherine was super excited about our style of photography- she told me right off that I could lay her in the grass if I wanted to during their couple time. I LOVE a girl that says "do what you want with me for the sake of art" (those are my words, not hers, haha).

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Here is where I want to take a moment to say thanks to the Van Den Bergs...
Robyn, thank you so much for telling Katherine about us so that we could be there to tell this story. Van Den Berg Family, thank you so much for being fabulous hosts and making our stay in Richmond so comfortable and fun. Hope we got a good Christmas card picture for you.

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The newlyweds had a sweet first dance...
and then they broke out into some fabulous dance moves!

NAS_2717 copy


A sweet father and bride dance...

DRT_6222 copy

The women in Jed's family give him a work out during "Shout!".

NAS_3550 copy

Uh oh, I see payback in Jed's eyes...

NAS_3343 copy

Not only is my husband hot, he can also take a dang good picture!
LOVE this one...

DRT_6891 copy

Full Moon.

NAS_4139 copy

Closing out the evening with some awesome fireworks from Jed's Dad...

DRT_7167 copy

Katherine and Jed- Thanks so much for having us tell your wedding day story! We had the best time spending the day with you all. Katherine, I hope the surprise honeymoon was awesome!!

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Lauren D. said...

The bridesmaids standing outside with their bouquets behind their backs... simply genious! Do you recreate shots from one wedding to the next? *wink wink*

Paul said...

Hey, the makeup person is the same one from our wedding. Niiiiiice. You've got a pic of her on our wedding blog.

Ashley and David said...

Paul you are so right! When she got there I was like "Carter?!" So that was fun! She did a fabulous job as always :)