Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Story: Leah, Chad and Dennis

I am a watcher of Grey's Anatomy- are you? Meredith always talks about her "people" or her "person" on that show-- those best friends that get you and have been through it all with you and somehow still love you. Chad and Leah are two of mine and David's people. I was very excited when Leah decided a love shoot was in order for Chad's birthday-- and their new baby Dennis was also invited to celebrate in the shoot.

Dennis was so excited to be in a new place...
these first few accurately reflect the motion and excitement of being in a new place!!

DRT_2519 copy

DRT_2617 copy

DRT_2639 copy

I love the hand coming out of the sky instructing Dennis to "sit"

DRT_2720 copy

Dennis wanted to show off his Halloween costume...

DRT_2811 copy

DRT_2830 copy

Dennis ran into another dinosaur in the park that day... what are the odds??

DRT_2988 copy

DRT_3034 copy

As the dinosaur outfit started to fall off we decided Dennis needed a break...

DRT_2995 copy

DRT_3091 copy

DRT_3064 copy

These next three I want on a canvas please.

DRT_3118 copy

DRT_3184 copy

I always LOVE how Leah's eyes photograph.

DRT_3187 copy

The giggles were caught in these next few... I think it was because I told Chad to whisper sweet nothings in Leah's ear, so he whispered "sweeeeet nothinnnnnngs" into her ear.

DRT_3265 copy

DRT_3241 copy

DRT_3280 copy

Chad brought it. Fierce.

DRT_3294 copy

And Leah appreciated that.

DRT_3342 copy

DRT_3379 copy

DRT_3442 copy


DRT_3538 copy

This is straight out of the camera--
the last of the light that afternoon was yummy...

DRT_3540 copy

DRT_3559 copy

What better way to end a shoot: a grass fight.

DRT_3589 copy

Leah and Chad: This was not the first time you have been on the blog and I know it will not be the last! Thanks for being two of our people-- David and I love you both so much!! Oh and you too Dennis!!


the.indie.image said...

soooooooooo cute those two!

david [sP] said...

no pocket fingers!