Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridal Story: Holly

I am going to come right out and say it--- bridal portraits are not my favorite. There. Whew. It's out there. There is all the being super careful with the dress, putting a sheet under it and stuff. You know that this is only a tradition in the south? I went to a photography seminar one time in Charlotte held by a guy from Chicago and a guy from California. Someone in the crowd asked a question about bridals- one of the guys just laughed and said that they have no concept of bridals, they are just a southern thing. I like the new movement to do bridals after the wedding day, so the bridal feels more comfortable being out in the world in her wedding dress.

Holly had just a great attitude at her bridals. We were careful with her dress, yet she still had so much fun with it-- and I think that variety shows! I can't wait to show you her and Michael's wedding in the next blog post :) Enjoy this peek into just how gorgeous Holly is!

hollyPbridal_004 copy

hollyPbridal_002 copy

hollyPbridal_020 copy

hollyPbridal_036 copy

hollyPbridal_059 copy

hollyPbridal_076 copy

hollyPbridal_102 copy

hollyPbridal_105 copy

hollyPbridal_122 copy

hollyPbridal_125 copy

hollyPbridal_132 copy

hollyPbridal_144 copy 2


Jennifer Wong said...

wow, you guy were all over raleigh! love love the ones at the arboretum! and i recognize big ed's :)

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful! sandi