Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Story: Damare Family

So far this wedding season I have not done many family or kids shoots, and I have missed that. I was thrilled to get to hang out with the sweet Damare family in Umstead Park on a gorgeous afternoon! Luckily for the kids, I had been saving these fabulously huge lollipops for the right occasion-- I was really excited to get to use them!

DRT_1875 copy

A little story telling is always good to help warm everyone up...

DRT_1890 copy

DRT_1955 copy

I don't know many children that would turn down exploring a stream

DRT_1972 copy

From oldest to youngest...




I asked for it- "Hold hands and give me silly faces"

DRT_2072 copy

DRT_2084 copy

DRT_2091 copy

Reviewing the treasures found in the stream...

DRT_2110 copy

"We haven't taken a picture like this since we got married!"

DRT_2141 copy

DRT_2149 copy

This was an experiment in telling kids where to be
but not say anything about whether they should smile, look at me, etc...

DRT_2193 copy

DRT_2191 copy

DRT_2207 copy

I was so excited to get to use these fabulous Ikea rugs--
turns out these kids have these same rugs at home!

DRT_2236 copy

A little ear-tickling never hurt anyone :)

DRT_2261 copy

DRT_2272 copy

DRT_2286 copy

DRT_2281 copy

DRT_2279 copy

Way cute sister moment!

DRT_2479 copy

DRT_2374 copy

Damare Family: I had the best time hiking around Umstead with you all! Your kids were so fun and easy to work with- I loved getting to laugh with you! Hope the kids still had an appetite for dinner after those jumbo lollipops :)

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Natalie said...

Soooo adorable!