Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Story: Al and Mary

This will not be the first time you have seen Al and Mary on the blog this year. I love repeat offenders :) Mary and Al had been telling me for awhile that they never got engagement pictures and always wanted some ring shots. Well HELLO, they came to the right place!

Remember that survey I had on the blog this summer? I want to continue to address some of the questions that you all asked there. The issue I want to bring up in this post from the survey has also been raised before in comments on this blog-- the idea of labeling oneself a photojournalist photographer. Once upon a time an anonymous commenter believed that they could get me down by criticizing my engagement shoot work as un-photojournalistic and a little bit posed. No where on this blog or our website do I describe my work as photojournalistic. I believe that term has been thrown around loosely in the photography world.

When David and I shoot weddings or other events, we do like to be "behind the scenes" and shoot things as they happen. However when it is time to do the couple shots at a wedding, or shoot any type of "relaxed portrait" session, very few people would feel comfortable or know what to do with me just following them around for an hour without any direction or suggestion. A well-known/fabulous photographer has described it more as photo-coaching. The vast majority of our clients have never modeled professionally and are not aware of light, expressions, ideal body placement, etc.

It is our job to get you started, get the moments set in motion and then shoot what happens after that. Al and Mary's shoot is a great example of that. There are shots that do look posed because I did suggest to them where to stand/sit, but then their personalities and relationship dynamics took the suggestions and ran with them :)

I will make you wait no longer...

DRT_9880 copy

DRT_9903 copy

We stumbled upon this urban veggie garden...

DRT_9933 copy

DRT_9968 copy

Al would not stop talking about this car...
... so we let him hug it.

DRT_9974 copy

DRT_9998 copy

DRT_0017 copy

See, I did not ask Mary to display her fabulous pink pants...
... when you are wearing pants like this how can you NOT show them off!?

DRT_0022 copy

I hope you have learned by now that I cannot resist this type of image.
Something about getting two people that love each other to move in close-
works every time.

DRT_0058 copy

DRT_0076 copy

All I remember is something inappropriate was said and Mary kept saying
"I KNOW that is going to make the blog!"

DRT_0071 copy

DRT_0086 copy

DRT_0172 copy

DRT_0195 copy

DRT_0207 copy

DRT_0222 copy

For a change of pace we headed to Lake Wheeler.
Al kept talking about how he was getting
night vision goggles from Mary as an anniversary gift.
Naturally I wanted to know what night vision goggles would look like on Al...

DRT_0254 copy

DRT_0333 copy

DRT_0275 copy

DRT_0290 copy

DRT_0322 copy

DRT_0344 copy

Do I look like a stalker in this next set? YES
Do I care? NO

DRT_0390 copy

DRT_0374 copy

DRT_0380 copy

DRT_0410 copy

I would like one of these on a canvas please!

DRT_0437 copy

DRT_0447 copy

I feel confident that, had I not been there,
Mary and Al still would have looked over the water standing exactly like this...

DRT_0457 copy

DRT_0524 copy

DRT_0584 copy

Mary and Al: Let's do this on all of your anniversaries, ok? Thanks. I had a FABULOUS time as always!! Here's to many more anniversaries!

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