Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Story: Anna and Tim

I am always impressed by a bride who can rise above any "imperfections" on her wedding day and still love life! Anna and Tim's day got plenty of rain... so everyone just got creative :) David and our fabulous photographer friend Becca shot Anna and Tim's day in Chapel Hill-- it was gorgeous!

This was one of those weddings where it seemed every detail reflected the couple's personalities and love. That is so fun to see!!

Anna had simply beautiful, classy details...

RRM064 copy

RRM093 copy

RRM038 copy

DRT_0862 copy

RRM205 copy

While Anna was getting ready, Tim was hanging out looking all handsome :)

DRT_0308 copy

Anna is so gorgeous! Her eyes? Blowing me away!!

RRM322 copy

RRM341 copy

RRM360 copy

Waiting for the ceremony to begin-- I think she looks ready :)

RRM455 copy

DRT_0650 copy

RRM534 copy

I like David and Becca's choice for the family pictures- something a little different :)

RRM708 copy

Arriving at the reception...

RRM819 copy

A very cute way to save table space and yet still display the name markers...

DRT_0987 copy

DRT_0066 copy

RRM868 copy

RRM877 copy

DRT_0139 copy

RRM1306 copy

How adorable is this cake?! They had tons of yummy looking homemade cakes... along with Anna's famous peanut butter brownies, Tim's favorite!

DRT_0200 copy

Instead of a guest book, they had a chalkboard and a digital camera-- so you write/draw a message and then take a picture of it. The next person erases it and does the same...

DRT_0275 copy

DRT_0220 copy

RRM1030 copy

RRM1153 copy

Anna and Tim also challenged their guests-- instead of kissing when people cling their glasses, the guests had to sing a song with the word "love" in it-- then Anna and Tim would kiss.
Seems like the people were up to the challenge :)

RRM1006 copy

There is so much passion and intimacy captured
when you catch the before moments of a kiss...

DRT_0459 copy

Anna and Tim-- Your wedding day was so beautiful. I felt like I got to know you both better in the process of learning about and seeing your wedding day details. Thanks again for letting Story Photographers tell your story :)


Catherine. said...

this may be my top favorite wedding photo shoot... hands down.

the.indie.image said...

Anna and Tim, You guys were great! I really enjoyed being part of it, and the Story Photographer family!

Anna and Tim said...

David and Becca, we can't thank you enough for these! They completely capture the feeling of the day and we can't wait to see them all! You were a joy to work with and it felt like you both just belonged right there celebrating with everyone. Thank you thank you thank you! We will be putting out the good word about all three of you wherever we can!

A couple of things we've heard from friends today and wanted to pass along: :)

"Wow! They are amazing photos. The last one is potentially the best wedding photo I've ever seen...." (this from a woman who looked at a LOT of wedding blogs while planning her own wedding)

"Congrats...your wedding photos may be quite possibly, the most fun, original ones I've ever seen." (from another recent bride)

"i love your portrait in the church . . . so dreamy and perfect." (from one of the bridesmaids :) )