Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Story: Holly and Michael

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You have already seen what a gorgeous bride Holly makes... now you get to see the whole thing! From the beginning I knew that David and I were going to have an awesome time telling Holly and Michael's story. We loved their fun attitude and unique style-- and man did they deliver those traits in creating a fabulous wedding day!

I am about to drop a bomb of gorgeousness on this blog so here we go...

Nothin' like a bunch of yummy bride details...


Holly's Dad bringing the girl's flowers by Holly's room :)

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A thumbs up from the groom is always important!

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Holly and Michael decided to see each other before the ceremony so we would have more time for pictures and they could get straight to the party after the ceremony.
The before images and the ceremony were all held at the Arboretum in Raleigh.

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Sometimes when I see my husband David's work I just want to make out with him.
It's my blog, I can say that!

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While the musicians began to play...

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... the girls (and Holly's Dad?) freshened up to head down the aisle!

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(straight out of the camera... these flowers were just yummy)

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Exchanging vows...

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I want to take a moment and say hey to Lauren and Adam! You might remember this post where David and I talked about participating in a wedding... it was for Lauren and Adam. Lauren did a fabulous job officiating this wedding, and Adam did an awesome job introducing us to Holly and Michael in the first place!

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Because Holly and Michael got their pictures done before the ceremony,
they were able to greet each guest as they left the ceremony site.

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Grabbed on the way to the reception at the delicious Cafe Luna...

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Michael and Holly had so many personal touches worked into their day...

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I am not a huge cake fan so I usually do not have wedding cake at all these weddings we shoot... HOWEVER I had to try one of their mini cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe.
OMG it was good!

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It is a tradition in Michael's family for meaningful people to make quilt squares for the newlyweds and then create a quilt... how beautiful.

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Checking the time to see when the party will be over? Sad!

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Holly and Michael: We were truly looking forward to working with you two on your wedding day and all it's fabulousness, and we were not disappointed at all! We had an awesome time and loved documenting all the well-planned details, the fun and all the love.

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