Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Story: Jennifer and Allen

The rains and the winds kept coming that weekend... the plans might have changed several different times but the outcome was the same= a beautiful wedding and a fabulous celebration to follow! Jennifer and Allen got married at the Dolphin Ridge Club at Emerald Isle, NC. The rains and the winds prevented the ceremony from being on the beach, but everything still ended up being gorgeous.

Brothers getting ready together...

DRT_7975 copy

DRT_7994 copy

DRT_7998 copy

DRT_8143 copy


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Jennifer always knows how to bring the sass :)

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DRT_8493 copy

One of the only requests Jennifer had was to see Allen without
"seeing" him before the ceremony...

DRT_8655 copy

My second-shooter for the day, Jennifer (yes, two Jennifers one day), got the other shot that the bride Jennifer requested-- Allen's face when he lays eyes on her walking down the aisle. Great catch Jenn!

DSC_0391 copy

Choking back tears...

DSC_0411 copy

Everyone experienced happy tears!

DRT_8867 copy

After the ceremony there was a break in the rains so we changed
around the schedule a bit and ran to the beach to grab a few shots!

DRT_9072 copy

DRT_9485 copy

DRT_9521 copy

DRT_9480 copy

DRT_9547 copy

DRT_9577 copy

Adorable cupcakes instead of a cake :)

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DRT_0253 copy

A precious interruption from the best man into the first dance.

DRT_9788 copy

The sorority sisters singing to Jennifer to celebrate her wedding day!

DRT_0417 copy

While the rains and winds begin to blow harder, the party turned up a notch...

DRT_0554 copy

Even a toddler can appreciate group dancing...

DRT_0785 copy

... and the bride and groom dominate the soul train.

DRT_0835 copy

DRT_0953 copy

Jennifer and Allen wanted to sneak outside and get some night shots-- YUMMY!!

DRT_1439 copy

DRT_1456 copy

DRT_1475 copy

DRT_1458 copy

In a shower of petals, Jennifer and Allen headed off to Raleigh to catch a plan just a few hours later to head off to their tropical honeymoon!

DRT_1828 copy

Jennifer and Allen: What a gorgeous day you had! Photographer Jennifer and I had the best time running around in the rain with you two and all your wonderful friends and family-- Hope the honeymoon afforded you plenty of sunshine on the beach :)

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Leah & Adrian said...

Oh. My. Word. Those pictures are amazing. The one of them "seeing" each other without seeing each other before the wedding is absolutely spectacular. Simply stunning as always, Ashley & David. & the night ones are gorgeous too. I cannot WAIT for our wedding. One year! :D