Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Story: Jessica and Jeremy

This wedding has been greatly anticipated by many. Jessica has been working on many do-it-yourself projects to pull off an amazing wedding on a budget. You will recognize Jessica and Jeremy from their NC State Fair engagement shoot from last October-- I will be shooting their day after session at the fair this weekend! David and I were so excited to have another beautiful fall-themed wedding come our way... I could have blogged on the details alone!

The ladies got ready at a hotel in town.
I came bearing a sexy boudoir album that Jeremy will have gotten on his birthday,
which was during the honeymoon :)

DRT_3600 copy

I could not resist sharing this detail--
while Jessica was getting her hair and makeup done by the fabulous Elizabeth Tolley,
the rest of the girls were watching reruns of "Say Yes to the Dress"-- how appropriate?!

DRT_3709 copy

Brides have to get gas in their car just like everyone else.

DRT_3819 copy

Jessica's sister getting her into their Mom's wedding dress that Jessica had reworked to be a little more contemporary-- I LOVED this dress!

DRT_3865 copy

DRT_4095 copy

DRT_4041 copy

DRT_4112 copy

DRT_4146 copy

DRT_4133 copy

Apparently David and I were both loving the porches...

DRT_4235 copy

DSC_1668 copy

DSC_1657 copy

Jeremy is the front man in this group of handsome men...

DSC_1587 copy

Jessica, her sister and her Dad waiting for the ceremony...
... in front of a picture of the chapel.

DRT_4328 copy

DRT_4442 copy

DRT_4502 copy

Love the way a groom looks at his bride...

DRT_4463 copy


DRT_4928 copy


DRT_5072 copy

DSC_1336 copy


DRT_5408 copy

DRT_5372 copy

DSC_2359 copy

You might notice their thankyou note card has one of their fair pictures :)

DRT_5446 copy

I cannot take credit for this.
One of the groomsmen thought this would be cute.

DRT_6181 copy

Jessica and her Dad did something different for their dance--
it was a group dance called the Grand March and everyone had a blast!

DRT_6098 copy

Goodnight... :)

DRT_6147 copy

Jessica and Jeremy: You both worked so hard for this wedding- the result was proof of that. It was all gorgeous and everyone had a blast eating good food, dancing to good music... all surrounded by others that love and support you two! Can't wait for the fair :)


jennifer wong said...

these photos are beautiful! i love love love all the detail shots. what a treat! and i absolutely adore her dress. the little flower details. i think i can go gown shopping on your blog :)

great job!!!

Kiki said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! Can you please share the name(s) of the venue(s)?