Monday, November 9, 2009

"Day After" Story: Jessica and Jeremy

DRT_9551 copy

These two are well known for their super popular engagement shoot that was taken a year ago...

To celebrate their marriage a year later Jessica and Jeremy decided to dress up in their wedding attire at hit the fair! I am all about it!! They certainly got some looks as they walked around the fair on the crowded last night all dressed up. Who cares?! They worked it out!! :)

Jessica had a great vision of catching them on the swings-- we were up for it!
Check out David working there behind Jessica and Jeremy... yes, he got dizzy....

DRT_9415 copy

... SO worth it!

DRT_0753 copy

DRT_0847 copy

I stayed on the ground to catch shots like this...
can you believe the clouds?

DRT_9423 copy

DRT_9491 copy

Nothing like ribbon fries and fried macaroni & cheese with a gorgeous sunset!

DRT_0161 copy

DRT_9585 copy

DRT_9604 copy

DRT_0198 copy

I was totally feeling the snuggle-on-a-cold-night-with-yummy-lights concept...

DRT_9630 copy

DRT_9711 copy

DRT_9782 copy

DRT_9854 copy

DRT_9801 copy

I am pretty sure they are laughing at me while I freak out over David STANDING in the gondola on this ferris wheel, to get the next shot...

DRT_9753 copy

(love a polaroid at the fair!)

DRT_0279 copy

DRT_9889 copy

Bling and love are fluffy and yummy... right?

DRT_9921 copy

Everyone loves cotton candy whispies on their rings, right?!

DRT_9937 copy

Jeremy and Jessica: I cannot believe it has been a year since we first met you two at the fair! It has been so much fun working with you guys and we are looking forward to many more shoots to come!!

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the.indie.image said...

i miss the fair already!! I love the fried mac and cheese. oh and these pics are cute too:-)