Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Story: Samuel turns 13!

I love concept shoots, like the post before this one of Sara. The Cartledges are one of our favorite families and it's hard to believe Samuel is thirteen! Jan approached me with several great concepts and ideas she wanted to work into a shoot documenting Samuel's transition into teenager land.

Jam has given me permission to share with you the link to her blog where you can read about her musings over this shoot and Samuel turning 13- check it out!!

The middle school age group is the crowd that I have had in front of my camera the least in my time as Story Photographers. I would be lame if I was a silly as I am with little kids, but its not an adult shoot either. I had to be right on the line of a well timed joke but then other times just let Samuel be in front of the camera. As an extrovert, I tend to be the type of portrait photographer that talks to you as I shoot, makes sure you feel comfortable in front of a camera. I am learning that sometimes I can just keep my mouth shut and things turn out alright.

Some action shots to get everyone warmed up...

DRT_4281 copy

DRT_4250 copy

Only a Mom would think to bring something so cute and thoughtful--
a few of Samuel's baby shoes!

DRT_4330 copy

DRT_4360 copy

Samuel loves to cook so I thought it would be fun to pay the
random alley veggie garden a visit as we walked around downtown.

DRT_4492 copy

DRT_4554 copy

DRT_4540 copy

Also a must have- luckily there are tons of numbered lots in Raleigh.

DRT_4615 copy

DRT_4635 copy

Banjo, the family dog, decided to make an appearance :)

DRT_4704 copy

DRT_4727 copy

DRT_4772 copy

DRT_4819 copy

There were several cool doors on this block and
this is the one Samuel chose-- good choice, I say.

DRT_4378 copy

DRT_4387 copy

After an outfit change I did a little experiment in being quiet:
tell a 13 yr old boy to hang out on the railroad tracks and see what happens.

DRT_4927 copy

DRT_4930 copy

DRT_4948 copy

If you read Jan's blog post, this is the shot I got
right as Jan started dancing, before Samuel told Mom to stop.

DRT_4904 copy

DRT_4886 copy

DRT_4990 copy

Stars are an important symbol for the Cartledge's
so I had to stop by this blog stalker favorite building...

DRT_5099 copy

Jan also had the idea to incorporate mirrors into the shoot, as teenagers are very aware of their self image... I thought this window would do the trick.

DRT_5176 copy

DRT_5180 copy

We were all done and Samuel sat himself down right here...
and I liked and made him endure a little more photographing.

DRT_5232 copy


Samuel- thanks for humoring me and doing such an awesome job!

Jan and Tony- thanks for letting me do such a great shoot with your boy! I hope you all enjoy these "transitional" photos!


meghan meier said...

oh ashley! i was so excited when i read on jan's blog that you were doing a shoot with samuel. tony and jan are my old neighbors, and i was friends with bethany. when samuel was born, i made cookies with my mom to take over... i can't believe he's 13 and i think i'm old enough to get nostalgic! keep these amazing shoots coming!

Jan Cartledge said...

Bravo! I love that you captured the sweet spirit of my boy, his shy smile and especially his dimple. The baby shoes shot turned out just like I had hoped. Thanks for helping us remember Samuel's 13th year with pictures.