Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love Story: Bobby and Aaron

As you might remember, I had a blog survey out this summer to give me information about who my readers are and what you think about the blog. Ever since then I have tried to address many of your comments and questions through out the shoots that I post.

One issue that came up in response to a couple of the questions was about how diverse I am willing to shoot. A few people asked if I had ever or would ever do shoots with gay people. This made me excited knowing that I had some lined up this fall that I would get to share with you all.

I want everyone to know this: No matter who you are, what you look like, who you voted for, what religion you are affiliated with, who you love, or where you are from (Gay, Straight, Conservative, Liberal, Catholic, Hindu, Latina, Caucasian, Purple-with-Polka-Dots, Etc), DAVID AND I WOULD BE HONORED TO TELL YOUR STORY. David and I are photographers, storytellers, artists, business owners...

We want you to judge us for how we tell stories, not by whose story we are asked to tell.

With that introduction, I bring you Bobby and Aaron…

This is when Bobby and Aaron tried to convince me that they lived in this house...
Don't worry, I wasn't a sucker for that one.

DRT_0130 copy

DRT_0142 copy

DRT_0150 copy

DRT_0190 copy

DRT_0215 copy

DRT_0239 copy

DRT_0269 copy

DRT_0308 copy

DRT_0314 copy

I did not give tickling instructions, but it worked :)

DRT_0342 copy

DRT_0354 copy

DRT_0367 copy

Thanks Town of Cary for having funky art outside of your government buildings!

DRT_0377 copy

DRT_0400 copy

DRT_0445 copy

DRT_0465 copy

A few individuals for Mom :)

DRT_0590 copy

DRT_0540 copy

DRT_0600 copy

DRT_0559 copy

DRT_0648 copy

Aaron and Bobby: I had such a good time walking around downtown Cary with you two. Let's do it again? Hope your families love these as Christmas presents!!


Paul said...

"We want you to judge us for how we tell stories, not by whose story we are asked to tell."

Well put. And you guys tell great stories.

Beth said...

Lovely young men + such great photographers = Yummy Story!