Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Story: Jessica and Wayne

It is amazing how Facebook can keep you connected with people from all aspects of your life. It's impossible to "loose touch" with someone if you keep up with life on Facebook. This is how we ended up doing this shoot with Jessica and Wayne. Jessica went to high school with David and recently found him on Facebook and saw he was a photographer. Jessica and Wayne got married by the justice of the peace, no photographer. Now they are about to have their baby and Wayne has been deployed overseas. I hope these recent memories at the fair make you smile today, Jessica!

I had gotten up super early the day of the shoot to catch an early flight back from Omaha where I had done a weekend of boudoir shoots. Our first attempt at the fair shoot with Jessica and Wayne got rained out, and luckily we had good weather on this last day of the fair. Jessica, you had so much energy AND you were about to bust-- you could've run circles around me for sure! And Wayne... when we first met I was not sure if you thought we were crazy but as soon as we got started you were totally in to it. I love that in a man!

David's view:

DRT_0005 copy

My view:

DRT_9006 copy

DRT_8974 copy

DRT_0080 copy

DRT_0066 copy

DRT_0058 copy

I am always telling guys to take off their sunglasses...
I decided to let Wayne work 'em.

DRT_0165 copy

DRT_9088 copy

DRT_0214 copy

DRT_0236 copy

DRT_9115 copy

Takin' a little break from the crowd...

DRT_9218 copy

DRT_9237 copy

DRT_9274 copy

DRT_9304 copy

DRT_9328 copy

DRT_0556 copy

DRT_0496 copy

I imagine that it would be impossible to be pregnant at the fair and not eat anything!!

DRT_0375 copy

DRT_0412 copy


DRT_0640 copy

Thanks for hanging out with us at the fair guys! Wayne, we hope you are safe while you are away and Jessica we hope that everything goes well with you and the baby being born :)

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