Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding Story: Andrea and Roko

The day after Lauren and Perry's wedding we woke up excited to hang out with Andrea and Roko on their big day! I knew that David and I were going to mesh really well with Andrea and Roko's style. I met the girls at Lake Johnson to start the group pictures and WOW was I met with some forces of energy!! Andrea knew how to pick just the right girls to keep her day fun and energetic...

The caution tape on Andrea's apartment door was accurate :)
Look at this energy they gave me in the third shot of the day!?
Those weren't just poses... that is dancing.

Untitled-1 copy

DRT_9944 copy

Andrea was such a naturally gorgeous bride...
I could have done a whole post with shots of just her that day...

DRT_0010 copy

Andrea and Roko wanted to get as many combinations of group pictures out of the way as possible before the ceremony, but without seeing each other...

DRT_0484 copy

See ya bride...

DRT_0630 copy

... Hello groom!

DRT_0577 copy

DRT_0908 copy

The girls got to the All Saints Chapel first, so Andrea and I decided to take advantage of the GORGEOUS light pouring into the room...

DRT_0982 copy

DRT_1059 copy

DRT_1049 copy

Time with Dad...

DRT_1337 copy

DRT_1440 copy

DRT_1654 copy

DRT_1665 copy

DRT_1780 copy

LOVE it!

DRT_1806 copy


DRT_1864 copy

DRT_1973 copy

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The reception was held at the Wagner House in Clayton.

DRT_2387 copy

DRT_2737 copy

A few keg's of Roko's own brew were served...

DRT_2747 copy

DRT_2587 copy

Oh hey! There's me hanging out with my new friends :)

DRT_2770 copy

DRT_2869 copy

DRT_3067 copy

The bridesmaids giving a toast (sorry I messed up your hair with the logo, David).

DRT_3110 copy

DRT_3762 copy

Andrea and Roko met at a pub during the song "I Want You to Want Me"--
Roko sang it to Andrea on one knee and had never met her!
And here they are, dancing to that song at their wedding...

DRT_3736 copy

Well aren't YOU lucky to be dating a bridesmaid?

DRT_3860 copy

DRT_0957 copy

I am IN LOVE with this image that David captured of
Andrea and Roko leaving through the sparklers...

DRT_0054 copy

DRT_4305 copy

Andrea and Roko: What an awesome day!! David and I are so excited about all the wonderful moments we captured. We hope that your honeymoon was FABULOUS... even if we weren't there to cover it for you :)


Andrea said...

These are awesome!!! We loved sharing our day with you and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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