Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Story: Kristen and Michael

The skies remained cloudy as David and I arrived in Jarratt on a crisp Saturday morning for Kristen and Michael's wedding. All that mattered was that it did not rain since the ceremony was going to be outside. Michael has been developing this new gorgeous neighborhood by a lake, so it offered the perfect spot to have the wedding. I could not wait to see it!

I met the ladies at the salon...
... where everyone was busy finishing up each other's hair and makeup...

DRT_8368 copy

... and keeping Kristen giggling with funny stories.

DRT_8236 copy

Meanwhile David met the guys at the fire station where Michael is the chief.

DRT_0151 copy

DRT_8563 copy

This machine was in someone's house!
Made the shoes look even sassier!

DRT_8493 copy

DRT_0645 copy

It was freezing but these two were awesome!

DRT_8772 copy

Father and bride sharing a moment on the way down the aisle.

DRT_8809 copy

DRT_8833 copy

An unexpected guest stopped by...

DRT_8912 copy

Michael's brother and best man provided the music for the ceremony...

DRT_0126 copy


DRT_9099 copy

DRT_9430 copy

DRT_0346 copy

May I have a canvas of this please??

DRT_9626 copy

DRT_0087 copy

DRT_0095 copy

DRT_9888 copy

DRT_9905 copy

Kristen's sister, brother-in-law and nephew all looking sharp...

DRT_0120 copy

Kristen and her Dad...

DRT_0620 copy

Kristen and Michael had some awesome fireworks and sparklers for everyone to play with during the reception...

DRT_0349 copy

DRT_0338 copy

DRT_0396 copy

When there are sparklers and SP blog stalkers in the same place,
there will be the request for this crowd favorite...

DRT_0554 copy

DRT_0609 copy

The night wound down with dancing- lots of fabulous dancing!

DRT_1310 copy

DRT_0950 copy

Kristen and Michael: Your day was so gorgeous and full of wonderful events that I am sure no one noticed how cold it was :) Your love warmed the place up and kept the party going!! Thanks again for having us up there in VA!

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