Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Story: Melissa and Nicky

There are so many cool parts to this story, I don't even know where to begin. :)

I first met Melissa through the Mabopane Foundation-- her Mom is the founder of the group and that is how my family first found our way to visit the orphanage five years ago. Two years ago, way back before I ever blogged, I had the privilege of shooting Melissa's sister Heather's wedding. Heather's wedding was also my first published wedding in a local magazine.

When I first met with Melissa and Nicky about their wedding day I was excited to learn that they were getting married in a small mountain town called Meadows of Dan. This happens to be the same little town my Mom's Dad (my Papa) grew up in. My Papa has dementia, so often he is most comfortable talking about his days in the past, mostly during his time in Meadows of Dan. He tells wonderful stories about how his first job was getting paid 30 cents an hour building portions of Skyline Drive, which is now the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the bridge structures that support it. I had visited Meadows of Dan when I was little but had not experienced as an adult. It turns out that our hotel was right beside one of the very stone bridges that my Papa built many years ago.

Melissa and Nicky got married on a foggy, misty Halloween day on the mountain. Melissa was the awesomest sport about the weather! We had lots of gorgeous spots to hit before the ceremony and she was willing to get out there in the cold wind and rain to get the shots.

I loved Melissa's classy Halloween decorations...
... and the star cookies she made herself (her new married name is Starr).


DRT_2161 copy

Mom and sister helping Melissa get into her dress...

DRT_2318 copy

Melissa getting to pin her groom :)

DRT_2409 copy

This little store was not on the "list" of spots we had planned
to stop by but OMG is it not cute?!

DRT_2451 copy

Maybry Mill.
Many members of my Papa's family worked in this mill before it became a tourist site.
It is also gorgeous. And so are Nicky and Melissa!

DRT_2511 copy

DRT_2545 copy

Oh so snuggily.

DRT_2617 copy

DRT_2657 copy

DRT_0363 copy

DRT_2720 copy

DRT_2751 copy

We rode up the parkway a bit to breathtaking view and an unusual tree that Melissa remembers playing on as a child when she came to visit her Grandma.

DRT_2829 copy

DRT_2865 copy

P.S. If you are looking wedding-fabulous on the side of a mountain, not only will tourist congratulate you, they will also give you money to by yourself a drink on your honeymoon!

DRT_2915 copy

My View:

DRT_3073 copy

David's View:

DRT_0645 copy

DRT_3116 copy

DRT_3192 copy


DRT_3470 copy

DRT_3502 copy

How cute is this church!?

DRT_2442 copy

The reception was in an awesome mountain house not too far away...

DRT_0009 copy

Groom's Cake:

DRT_3603 copy

DRT_3730 copy

DRT_3956 copy

Nicky whipped up some homemade ice cream for all the guests...

DRT_3820 copy

Melissa's dreams came true when her and Nicky's friends surprised them with a gift she has been wanting for awhile now...

DRT_4155 copy

The End :)

DRT_4209 copy

Melissa and Nicky: Wow! Your wedding day was so unique and wonderful. David and I were just giddy over all the photo-fabulousness that happened throughout the day. I am trying to contain myself and not order 50 canvases from your wedding day for our office. Hope you found better weather in Charleston than we did on the mountain!


Melissa said...

Ashley and David: YOU ARE AMAZING! We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. You fit right in with our friends and family and they still talk about how much they enjoyed you being there... even Nicky's dad and his "camera shyness" loved you! We wish you all the best! Love you! Nicky and Melissa

Shelby Roberts said...

wow you guys that looked amazing. wish we coulda been there. i really miss seeing you two. hope you might come see us for thanksgiving. nicky if you read this you need to call ryon.
love shelby

Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you that those outdoor pictures are amazing! Handsome couple and beautiful scenery, it looked like a great day!

Paul said...

The fog works incredibly with the "classy halloween" vibe, especially the one at the fence.

Caroline Jones said...

Beautiful! And I loved the fact that I recognized so many of the photo spots...Archie & I honeymooned in that area 29 years Mabry Mill and the split rail fences, etc. Once again, you guys have done a superb job of capturing fabulous pictures!