Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Story: Harper

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, my favorite blog readers :). I had every intention of doing some kind of cool Christmas post, just like I was going to do a cool Thanksgiving post. So um yeah, that hasn't happened. David and I have been crazy busy worker elves trying to get everyone's goodies outta here by Christmas.

What I would have said in both posts is that David and I are so very thankful for YOU. YOU, who is a client of ours and who allows us the honor of telling your story. YOU allow us to do what we love and push us to new levels of creativity and experience. YOU are a gift to us, oh faithful blog reader. YOU keep us excited about sharing the stories that we are documenting.

I have a few Christmas-ish posts to share with you as you sit back and eat your holiday goodies and reflect on the holiday memories that you have made this year or are making right now!

I was so excited to meet baby Harper. It still blows me away how many blue eye babies I get to take pictures of. I promise I love all colors of baby eyes :)

NAS_9081 copy

NAS_9091 copy

NAS_9143 copy

NAS_9173 copy

LOVE this one... and the one that followed.

NAS_9181 copy

NAS_9182 copy

NAS_9237 copy

I love this Mommy and baby moment...
and the warm tree lights sparkling in the window.

NAS_9246 copy

Some adorable Santa hat moments from all angles...

NAS_9371 copy

NAS_9363 copy

NAS_9315 copy

NAS_9451 copy

The first child had to jump in the shot as well...

NAS_9463 copy

NAS_9470 copy

NAS_9479 copy

NAS_9501 copy

NAS_9513 copy

NAS_9524 copy

NAS_9528 copy

NAS_9552 copy

NAS_9543 copy

NAS_9579 copy

Thanks Baby Harper! I had a great time!!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh! They are the most beautiful pics EVER created, mostly because of the beautiful people in the pics!

mindi yancey (harper's mommy) said...

Ashley! These pics go BEYOND what I expected. Thank you, a million times! We had so much fun and I am so happy we captured this time in sweet baby Harper's life.

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures that I have EVER seen!! I love his little face! The ones of mommy and baby are my favorites, you can see the love that you both have for each sweet and special!

Anonymous said...

absolutely awesome pics,ofcourse it helps when u have a beautiful baby to shoot.

Beth said...

This has got to be one of my favorites!!!!!! I know some people say all babies are adorable, but really, this one is the cutest!! So photogenic! But you know what I loved most... the PUG!!! So so cute. That should be one proud momma.

Steve said...

Mindy, These are Great!!!!! I am sending this to Phyllis and Dana right Now !!!!! What a great format.....