Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Story: Olivia

Remember that time Jessica and Wayne were pregnant at the fair?? Well Miss. Olivia made her debut into the world not too long after that. Sadly her Daddy had just deployed and missed getting to meet Olivia-- from what I hear he can't wait to get home and snuggle with his two ladies!

The day after Thanksgiving we headed down to the waterfront...

DRT_9923 copy

DRT_9909 copy

DRT_9965 copy

DRT_0063 copy

DRT_0027 copy

DRT_0088 copy

DRT_0065 copy

Olivia hanging out in one of Daddy's old jackets...

DRT_0140 copy

DRT_0145 copy

DRT_0127 copy

DRT_0182 copy

And holding Daddy's ring!

DRT_0203 copy

DRT_0230 copy

DRT_0265 copy

DRT_0220 copy

DRT_0297 copy

DRT_0330 copy

DRT_0374 copy

DRT_0378 copy

DRT_0343 copy

DRT_0390 copy

DRT_0400 copy

This is literally the only image I have where Jessica looked at me...
which is fine, I love that she could not take her eyes of that sweet baby!

DRT_0449 copy

LOVE a cute Christmas present like this...

DRT_0470 copy

DRT_0494 copy

Wrinkly baby forehead...

DRT_0529 copy