Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Story: Alvarado

I love repeat offenders :) You know, when I get to tell the same people's stories at different times in their lives. LOVE IT. Mindy and Dominic decided it would be awesome to get all their siblings together to surprise their parents with Christmas pictures. They are also about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on New Years Eve!

We started out at the elementary school that all the siblings went to at one point and also where Mindy now teaches! Super cute, I loved it!

Just enough swings for Mindy's sister and
Dominic's bothers and sister to all swing together...

Alvarados2009_003 copy

Alvarados2009_005 copy

Alvarados2009_014 copy

Alvarados2009_020 copy

Alvarados2009_026 copy

Alvarados2009_042 copy

Alvarados2009_048 copy

Alvarados2009_059 copy

Alvarados2009_060 copy

Look at those newlyweds :)

Alvarados2009_078 copy

Alvarados2009_106 copy

Alvarados2009_119 copy

Then we headed to Mindy and Dominic's new house!

Alvarados2009_120 copy

And then the new puppy, Bella, decided to join in!

Alvarados2009_134 copy

Alvarados2009_141 copy

Alvarados2009_143 copy

Alvarados2009_156 copy

Mindy and Dominic kissed and Bella was a little jealous...
I could not have planned this if I tried.

Alvarados2009_163 copy

Alvarados2009_164 copy

Alvarados2009_169 copy

Alvarados2009_177 copy

Alvarados2009_180 copy

Christmas LOVE!

Alvarados2009_184 copy

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