Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Family Story: Cava Siblings

First things first- If you know any of the following individuals in this post, they ask that you PLEASE do not tell their parents about this shoot. It is a Christmas surprise :)

I got to travel back in time and do the Cava sibling shoot at my alma mater, Campbell University. It is a little crazy how many people in the Cava family have gone to or are currently going to Campbell. Julia lived in my dorm my first few years at Campbell and we have great stories from a Spanish class we had together. Julia had the awesome idea to get all the siblings together and surprise their parents with some awesome Campbell themed pictures (their parents went to Campbell too). I was so excited to get a family shoot full of young adults!

Great place to start: outside the new chapel!

CavaSiblings_10 copy

CavaSiblings_14 copy

CavaSiblings_03 copy

CavaSiblings_04 copy

CavaSiblings_16 copy

Hanging out on the steps of a building so familiar to me and David, and also the Cava's Dad:
The Religion Building

CavaSiblings_27 copy

CavaSiblings_33 copy

The dog would have made more appearances but after a little escape and chase episode the dog got taken back to the apartment....

CavaSiblings_34 copy

CavaSiblings_35 copy

CavaSiblings_36 copy

CavaSiblings_40 copy

CavaSiblings_41 copy

CavaSiblings_45 copy

CavaSiblings_47 copy

CavaSiblings_50 copy

CavaSiblings_52 copy

CavaSiblings_58 copy

CavaSiblings_65 copy

CavaSiblings_62 copy

CavaSiblings_66 copy

CavaSiblings_69 copy

CavaSiblings_72 copy

CavaSiblings_74 copy

After an outfit change we invited the boyfriends and girlfriend in for a few...

CavaSiblings_93 copy

CavaSiblings_94 copy

CavaSiblings_98 copy

CavaSiblings_86 copy

CavaSiblings_108 copy

CavaSiblings_112 copy

CavaSiblings_116 copy

CavaSiblings_117 copy

CavaSiblings_127 copy

CavaSiblings_128 copy

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