Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family Story: Extended Families

It is always a fun challenge to bring in several children under age six into one shoot. You never know who's mood is going to turn or the exact moment you will catch a smile. Luckily it is not my style to always want to catch a smile :)

I met up with Paige and her brother's families to put together some pictures for their Dad's birthday and for Christmas. These three kids are just adorable!!

BagwellFamily_003 copy

BagwellFamily_010 copy

BagwellFamily_017 copy

BagwellFamily_073 copy

BagwellFamily_078 copy

BagwellFamily_082 copy

BagwellFamily_035 copy

BagwellFamily_047 copy

BagwellFamily_056 copy

BagwellFamily_062 copy

BagwellFamily_066 copy

BagwellFamily_106 copy

BagwellFamily_111 copy

BagwellFamily_118 copy

BagwellFamily_144 copy

BagwellFamily_150 copy

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