Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Story: Helms Family

The last time I took pictures of this beautiful family, David and I were not officially "Story Photographers" yet! This is a family that I just adore so I was thrilled to get them back in front of the camera :) And though, like some shoots, there were some tears and tantrums here and there, there were also beautiful smiles and giggles and kisses. LOVE THAT!

I am going to let these images of these wonderful people speak for themselves!

DRT_5347 copy

DRT_5328 copy

DRT_5329 copy

DRT_5279 copy

DRT_5359 copy

DRT_5376 copy

DRT_5375 copy

DRT_5394 copy

DRT_5502 copy

DRT_5464 copy

DRT_5539 copy

DRT_5592 copy

DRT_5577 copy

DRT_5600 copy

DRT_5625 copy

DRT_5639 copy

DRT_5696 copy

DRT_5826 copy

DRT_5907 copy

DRT_5890 copy

DRT_5971 copy

DRT_6007 copy

DRT_5998 copy

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