Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Story :)

I love SOOOOO many things about this family shoot I am about to share with you...

... I love the colors, the location, the love that little boys want to give those around them...
and how much this family loves each other!

My favorite kid and family pictures are not the ones that are "perfect", where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling....
My favorites are when personalities come through and when smiles are real.

DRT_4752 copy

A lesson in smiling with your teeth...

DRT_4839 copy

... and that it is ok to be silly after you smiled with your teeth :)

DRT_4828 copy

DRT_5001 copy

Brotherly Love...

DRT_5009 copy

DRT_5015 copy


Sometimes kids don't need direction in order to do the sweetest things...

DRT_5204 copy

DRT_5251 copy

DRT_5273 copy

DRT_5301 copy

DRT_5338 copy

DRT_5356 copy

LOVE those bright blue eyes!

DRT_5422 copy

DRT_5448 copy

DRT_5455 copy

Very cool little koi pond...

DRT_5527 copy

DRT_5555 copy

I always try to sneak in some pictures of just the parents, so in order to convince my spirited little friend to hop out of the shot, I asked him to help Mommy and Daddy smile.
Can you see him instructing? :)

DRT_5607 copy

DRT_5615 copy

And just as I was packing up, someone had a few other poses up their sleeve...

DRT_5645 copy

DRT_5651 copy


Marie said...

where was this shot at? it's gorgeous :o)

Ashley and David said...

It is the Abroetum off of Hilsborough Street in downtown Raleigh

the.indie.image said...

haha i just shot there yesterday!