Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Story: Jason and Jeremy

I am so many kinds of excited to show you this shoot. Jason and Jeremy are special men in my life so I was more than thrilled when Jason decided to give this shoot to Jeremy for birthday/christmas/etc. Then they get out of the car at Umstead Park dressed so sharp... sigh, it was adorable. Enough chitchat- let me show you the goods...

First of all, the guys already went Christmas shopping and bought a couple of canvases from their shoot... Here is one from the park...

NAS_5590 copy

NAS_5591 copy

So very handsome.

DRT_9071 copy

DRT_9104 copy

DRT_9164 copy

DRT_9209 copy

DRT_9182 copy

DRT_9254 copy

DRT_9257 copy

DRT_9312 copy

Jason appreciates the "awkward pose" trend that is
going through portrait photography right now...

DRT_9339 copy

So after a quick outfit change in the car, we all headed downtown.
And when I saw the view at this overpass and the colors and that green vine...
I got GIDDY.

DRT_9358 copy

DRT_9375 copy

DRT_9405 copy

DRT_9468 copy

I feel like I really captured a secret moment here...

DRT_9508 copy

DRT_9545 copy

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen a similar image I posted from this green wall spot except Edward Cullen was in it with Jason, not Jeremy...

DRT_9614 copy

DRT_9690 copy

DRT_9716 copy

I put the guys in this alley and said something to the affect of "pretend you are getting seduced/you are seducing someone in a dark alley in a movie- ready go".... it worked.

DRT_9745 copy

DRT_9876 copy

DRT_9878 copy


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I Love this. You guys are so stylish!!!! Great Job Ashley :)