Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love Story: Megan and Danielle

I feel like I have come full circle... in high school and college I photographed my friends constantly. I am sure they got sick of it. Then starting my own business I wanted people who did not know me to want to hire me to photograph them. Now it seems I am at the point where my friends want to hire me. Maybe it's because I forget to take pictures of my every day life so I don't bug them like I used to? :)

Megan is a friend from Campbell... we've even had adventures together in South Africa. Ofcourse I was excited when she asked me to photograph her and her girlfriend Danielle. We found Umstead park looking deliciously autumnal yet winterish.

DRT_8126 copy

There are so many images from this scene that I adore...

DRT_8147 copy

DRT_8192 copy

DRT_8219 copy

DRT_8228 copy

DRT_8236 copy

DRT_8352 copy

DRT_8289 copy

DRT_8281 copy

DRT_8301 copy

DRT_8475 copy

DRT_8499 copy

DRT_8508 copy

DRT_8465 copy

DRT_8451 copy

DRT_8572 copy

Gotta bring in the babies!

DRT_8686 copy

DRT_8712 copy

DRT_8762 copy

DRT_8770 copy

DRT_8788 copy

DRT_8895 copy

DRT_8890 copy

DRT_8893 copy


Jason said...

Love it, especially the sixth one! Ashley, you're an amazing friend, and I'm sure Megan and Danielle feel the same way you've made Jeremy and me feel about our shoot. We love you and we love how you've help to capture our lives in pictures.

Lydia said...

Ahh!! I love these! Megan was so nervous that she didn't prepare enough for these, and she had NO reason to be!! They both look soo natural in front of the camera... it's almost like you weren't even there. I love it when the pictures come out like this - Beautiful all around! Ashley, you did a wonderful job!