Friday, December 11, 2009

Monkey Story: Baby David

How could I keep myself from posting these?! Monkeys are my favorite. Blue eyes photograph so yummy. Babies make me giggle. HAD TO POST THEM.

You've seen this sweet baby all over this blog before...
but never as a sock monkey... and not with those teeth!

SockMonkeyDavid_10 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_14 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_39 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_34 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_24 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_18 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_40 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_28 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_32 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_46 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_48 copy

SockMonkeyDavid_53 copy

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