Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exactly two years ago today (for serious, it was EXACTLY two years ago today) I was letting you know the same thing... We had given this blog a makeover and named ourselves "Story Photographers", instead of operating under my name as a business. My plan was to do a new blogsite and have it finished and in use by this spring. Well, life doesn't work that way... and that's ok. I like symbolism. We finally found the right designer and after another series of obstacles here we are. Ready to send you to our new blogsite....
So change your bookmarks and feeds, friends...

Our blog will be updated from now on at:


Monday, August 23, 2010

Boudoir Story: Michelle


After posting
this one shot of one of my boudoir clients from the August marathon at Seven (ps this client has three kids! Don't be scared to sign up!), another one of my ladies from that same day said she did not mind if I blogged some from her session. I was SO MANY kinds of excited to see this!! Michelle has a toddler and HELLO doesn't she look good!?

In picking outfits it seemed that Michelle followed my advice-- play up the features you love about yourself and don't feel like you have to push yourself to "expose" the features that make you feel insecure. Often time during boudoir shoots as the ladies get more comfortable, they make the decision to push the envelope and do posing and outfits that are out of their comfort zone (though I am fully aware that the whole idea of a boudoir shoot is out of most women's comfort zones).

Michelle chose to do three different looks-- Elizabeth Tolley and her team did a beautiful job of giving Michelle three different hair/makeup looks to go with Michelle's outfits.

NAS_4378 copy

NAS_4387 copy

NAS_4464 copy

NAS_4489 copy

NAS_4609 copy

NAS_5376 copy

NAS_5418 copy

NAS_5423 copy

NAS_5101 copy

NAS_5112 copy

NAS_5145 copy

NAS_5223 copy

NAS_5801 copy

NAS_5810 copy

NAS_5825 copy

NAS_6028 copy

NAS_5969 copy

NAS_5982 copy

NAS_6160 copy

Michelle: You are one beautiful lady!! Thanks for being brave and letting me post some shots from your boudoir experience. Yeow!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boudoir Story: Sneek Peek

EbonyG-104 copy

I am so grateful to this client who let me post one image from her boudoir shoot at Seven this past Sunday. It has been so awesome to do boudoir shoots with all these amazing women that come out for the shoots. I love that my job includes empowering women to feel great about themselves, no matter what size, shape, age, etc they are. It is the BEST getting to be surrounded by women all day long that embrace their beauty and sexuality and celebrate it.

It's good to be a woman.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music Story: Martha Ann Motel

If you have been following the blog or have been my friend on Facebook for long, you know that David (my husband) has a band that plays mostly in Raleigh and occasionally around NC. This band, its members and the music they create has been so important to David. You might think I am being biased, but I love their music. It's good stuff!

You can check Martha Ann Motel out on

The boys will be doing an in studio interview and live songs on 88.1 WKNC on August 27th.

I had a great time doing this quick shoot before their practice last night...

NAS_8043 copy

NAS_8052 copy

NAS_8007 copy

NAS_8016 copy

NAS_8025 copy

NAS_8112 copy

NAS_8121 copy

NAS_8155 copy

NAS_8306 copy

NAS_8267 copy

NAS_8284 copy

NAS_8230 copy

NAS_8334 copy

NAS_8350 copy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Senior Story: Allie

It was really refreshing to get to do something new yesterday- a high school senior shoot! I had not done one in fo-ev-a so it was great to get Allie in front of the camera :)

NAS_6596 copy

NAS_6635 copy

NAS_6629 copy

NAS_6745 copy

Allie is on the yearbook staff at her high school...

NAS_6770 copy

NAS_6782 copy

Allie's little sister Hailey joined in for a few shots...

NAS_6832 copy

NAS_6841 copy

NAS_6911 copy

NAS_6967 copy

NAS_6988 copy

NAS_7003 copy

Allie takes pictures for the yearbook and loves photography
so it was important to her to bring along her camera.
In high school I always had a camera of some sort on me at all times :)

NAS_7031 copy

Hailey is automatically one of Allie's most photographed subjects :)

NAS_7188 copy

NAS_7235 copy

NAS_7216 copy

NAS_7106 copy

NAS_7269 copy

NAS_7417 copy

NAS_7444 copy

NAS_7532 copy

NAS_7477 copy

NAS_7510 copy

Class of '11!

NAS_7615 copy

NAS_7630 copy

NAS_7657 copy

NAS_7702 copy

NAS_7788 copy

NAS_7829 copy

Right out of camera... YUMMY light :)

NAS_7899 copy

Jewelry from Allie's grandmothers who are no longer physically with us on earth...

NAS_7919 copy

The loop of the necklace not shown here says
"All the strength you need..."

NAS_7940 copy

It is so beautiful to see women celebrating the women before them...

NAS_7967 copy

Allie (and Melodie and Hailey): I had the best time running around Raleigh with you! You did such an amazing job. I can't wait to get all of your family in front of the camera :) I know it will be a blast!!