Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Story: Lathan's 1st Birthday!

NAS_4515 copy

Oh baby! I love a baby shoot! And in this case it is a baby turning one :)
I was so excited to shoot Lathan's first birthday party and
then grab a few shots of him and his family in the backyard...

It is my understanding that Lathan's Mom made this gorgeous creation...
AND the snowman is edible!?

NAS_4384 copy

NAS_4392 copy

NAS_4510 copy

NAS_4679 copy

Blowing out the candle with Mommy and Daddy!

NAS_4825 copy

Lathan was not a huge fan of touching the icing or getting it in his ear...
however when it hit his mouth he was a big fan!

NAS_4889 copy

I loved how Lathan's family members took turns helping him open his presents...

NAS_5055 copy

NAS_5081 copy

NAS_5134 copy

NAS_5176 copy

NAS_5171 copy

What a wonderful way to turn one...
surrounded by family and friends that shower you with love.
And shower you with presents.

NAS_5186 copy

NAS_5238 copy

First bite! Chocolate carrot cake... DELISH!

NAS_5425 copy

NAS_5413 copy

NAS_5358 copy


NAS_5514 copy

NAS_5586 copy

I love the feel of this set...

NAS_5641 copy

NAS_5681 copy

NAS_5706 copy

NAS_5712 copy

NAS_5763 copy

NAS_5799 copy

NAS_5811 copy

NAS_5826 copy

NAS_5828 copy

NAS_5831 copy

NAS_5840 copy

NAS_5852 copy

Oh the blue eyes... the baby blue eyes...

NAS_5876 copy

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