Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Story: Belvins

What a sweet family! I was so excited to meet baby Braxton. Braxton's uncle gave the family a gift card from me to do this shoot. Don't forget that anyone can purchase a gift card from us to give for a shoot or perhaps to go toward an album or canvas.

Enough chit chat-- let's get to the goods!

Mom and Dad were totally worried that
Braxton was not giving me enough expression...
Let me tell you. For a baby this age I think I got some GREAT looks!

NAS_5895 copy

A little tickle from Dad...

NAS_5910 copy

Braxton's Dad wanted to remind his uncle of the
NC State/UNC rivalry going on in the family...

NAS_5923 copy

NAS_5953 copy

NAS_5984 copy

NAS_5989 copy

NAS_6016 copy

I could not choose between these two,
so since it is my blog I decided to give you both.

NAS_6042 copy

NAS_6053 copy

NAS_6162 copy

NAS_6256 copy

FAVORITE! Look at that smile... and those clasped hands. Sigh. Precious.

NAS_6273 copy

I loved this artwork and the verse it included...

NAS_6305 copy

NAS_6322 copy

We took the party outside and Braxton got his first taste of being tall...
I think he liked it.

NAS_6352 copy

NAS_6358 copy

NAS_6363 copy

Jackie the dog decides that she will join the
shoot but thats as far as her cooperation will go.

NAS_6372 copy

NAS_6420 copy

NAS_6441 copy

Suddenly Jackie is very interested :)

NAS_6497 copy

NAS_6511 copy

NAS_6590 copy

NAS_6594 copy

NAS_6600 copy

NAS_6639 copy

NAS_6671 copy

NAS_6695 copy


NAS_6760 copy


Dee said...

Ashley, you are AWESOME! Thanks so much for coming to take pictures of Braxton and our family...we're so please with the way these turned out. You really captured Braxton's great facials! We can't wait to print some pics to hang all around the house!

Jim & Patsy vdB said...

As usual, you did a great job with the Blevin family - but you had such a CUTE subject!! Dee and Brian, Braxton is precious!
Jim and Patsy vdB

TaipaBoy said...


These photos are terrific! Thank you so much for sending them to us. Ya'll look like a great family and what a cute baby. We especially love that photo of Braxton close up laying on his side. His eyes are amazing!

Thanks for keeping us up with your family.

Peace, Sarah for the Ballew Crew

Anonymous said...

What fabulous pictures. They are all beautiful!!
Ron and Tanya
(Grandpa and Mimi Belvin)

Elizabeth/Dan Dunbar said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift...meaning both Braxton and the photo shoot. Dee & Brian you are so blessed! Congratulations for a most beautiful baby!

The Yum Chef said...

Love this shot! http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2683/4306273233_3792208ac3_o.jpg

Too cool!

Paul said...

So the baby's expression while the parents are kissing in the background... Quality.

Vivian said...


What a happy family! Braxton has amazing eyes and big similes. This reminds me of my baby. He is quite talkative now.