Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Story: Lopez's

I have been told to never state absolutes. It's so true. I had announced on Facebook that I would not be taking any more shoots past a certain point in December... however when I was approached about shooting the Lopez family I just HAD to do it!

Dr. Lopez is the undergraduate Old Testament professor at Campbell University. One of the selling points I had always heard about Campbell was that with a smaller student population than a public school you could have more access to your professors. This turned out to be the truth :) I will also admit that Dr. Lopez was my favorite of the religion department professors (don't worry guys, I like/d you all!! I just like/d Dr. Lopez the MOST). It has been so fun to get to know her better outside of school once I graduated. The Lopez family has had some tough stuff to deal with lately and it was an honor to get to sneak a shoot in with them before Christmas!

I headed down to the Benson/Dunn area to shoot around the Lopez's yard. I had a great time hanging out with the whole family- animals included!

NAS_9660 copy

NAS_9703 copy

NAS_9687 copy

NAS_9725 copy

It wasn't the plan to have all the animals in the shoot...
they just decided they were family and needed to hop in as well!

NAS_9742 copy

NAS_9811 copy

NAS_9765 copy

NAS_9791 copy

NAS_9805 copy

NAS_9858 copy

NAS_9843 copy

This year the Lopez's cut down their Christmas tree from their own yard- pretty cool.

NAS_0006 copy

NAS_0053 copy

NAS_0056 copy

NAS_0087 copy

NAS_0096 copy

NAS_9946 copy

NAS_9875 copy

Bring in the parents!

NAS_0115 copy

NAS_0120 copy

NAS_0134 copy

NAS_0158 copy

NAS_0216 copy

NAS_0306 copy

Never a dull moment!

NAS_0326 copy

NAS_0345 copy

NAS_0388 copy

NAS_0409 copy

NAS_0477 copy

NAS_0474 copy

NAS_0575 copy

NAS_0531 copy

NAS_0639 copy

NAS_0679 copy


Anonymous said...

These are phenomenal!!!! If anything has ever captured the essence of the Lopez's, this is it!! Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW...love these and boy oh boy have their children grown up...and absolutely beautiful and handsome! This is an amazing and fun family and you captured that so well!

Paul said...

So the second rope swing picture....I hadn't seen the rope yet, and I wondered how in the world the boy was flying from her fingertips. I wondered if it was a trick shot like David had done for me...which, by the way, is a very talked about photo among those who have seen them.

glen lopez said...

Nice work, i love the raw quality of the images. The personalities of the kids really shine here as you captured their playfulness.

Lots of fun... thanks.

rebecca necessary said...

really awesome photos! i love the genuine setting - and what a beautiful one! and i adore the photo of mom and dad with the pup and kid's feet running behind. your work is really great!