Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye 2009:::Hellooooooo 2010!

Where would one even begin to describe my (Ashley) and David's experience in 2009?! My family continued to go though some really tough stuff. While there was major chaos still swirling around my family, Story Photographers kept moving forward. Not only did it move forward but it grew so much! And not only did it grow but WOW the clients we have been given have been the best ever. David and I had the best time showing up in your various stories... shooting your engagements, bridals, families, headshots, bands, weddings and so on!

We take this honor very seriously.

You trust David and I to meet you where you are at, to document the love, the emotions, the details found in your story. It's no wonder so many people are wanting to start photography businesses these days... I LOVE MY JOB!

This time last year I took time to say thank you specifically to our brides... I would love to do that again! Somehow I end up getting the awesomest, sweetest brides ever ever ever. Not only are you wonderful to work with leading up to shooting your wedding, you also blow David and I away with the way you keep telling others about us. We choose not to formally advertise anywhere... and we don't have to because you tell OUR story to others. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER.

Thank you Shauna and Anthony!
Thank you Erica and Derek!
Thank you Sarah and Chad!
Thank you Ashley and Nick!
Thank you Dawn and Stephen!
Thank you Dana and Kyle!
Thank you Lauren and Jason!
Thank you Paola and Wes!
Thank you Beth and John!
Thank you Tina and Tim!
Thank you Paul and Becca!
Thank you Lori and Preston!
Thank you Anna and Tim!
Thank you Lauren and Perry!
Thank you Andrea and Roko!
Thank you Melinda and Matt (post to come soon)!

AND WOW--- 2010 is going to be awesome!!

Because a post is boring without a picture, here is a very nonprofessional picture of David and I in front of our Christmas tree...


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a said...

I canNOT wait to be on that list next year :)