Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Story: Melinda and Matt (part1of2)

Last wedding shot in 2009... and just barely :)

David and I hopped on the plane and flew to the snowy land of Minneapolis to shoot Melinda and Matt's wedding! I have to say thanks to Angela Robinson Broman who connected us up with Melinda and Matt. I had told Angela that I always wanted to shoot a snowy wedding and may never get one in NC. Lucky for me, Angela is amazing and knows how to match people up-- this wedding was perfect for us! Angela coordinated this wedding from afar and did an AMAZING job. CAN YOU TELL I LOVE ANGELA!?

I am in love with so many things about this wedding I decided to give you two posts to enjoy.
You are so welcome.

Melinda was such a happy bride... loved that smile that stayed on her face!

NAS_0755 copy

NAS_0831 copy

NAS_1114 copy

Meanwhile the boys shot some hoops before getting ready...

DRT_4906 copy

DRT_5049 copy

Melinda and Matt chose to see each other before the ceremony--you know I love this.
We had plenty of time to do some shots at the church AND head to a really awesome conservatory.

NAS_1298 copy

NAS_1318 copy

NAS_1323 copy

NAS_1349 copy

NAS_1375 copy

My view:

NAS_1396 copy

David's view:

DRT_5218 copy

Classy bride shoes: red heels and snow boots.

NAS_1406 copy

The Como Conservatory was not only gorgeous... it was also very warm and humid inside.
The northerners thought David and I would appreciate being in our native climate :)

NAS_1426 copy

DRT_5253 copy

NAS_1475 copy

NAS_1478 copy

NAS_1521 copy

DRT_5277 copy

DRT_5272 copy

Oooooh so dreamy...

NAS_1556 copy

NAS_1571 copy

NAS_1578 copy

NAS_1612 copy

My view:

NAS_1531 copy

David's view:

DRT_5307 copy

Check back for more amazingness from this wedding--
group shots, the ceremony and the reception!


the.indie.image said...

looooove it! Great job again guys.

Caroline said...

Love your work! The color picture in the conservatory with the Moravian star hanging over their heads is a FABULOUS picture!

Diane said...