Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Story: Melinda and Matt (part2of2)

There's more-- this is the continued story of how we rang in the New Year in Minneapolis at Matt and Melinda's wedding!

I am so in love with the black and red...

NAS_1784 copy

I love a bride and groom in the snow...
... I had all kinds of snow ideas until I realized that -10 degrees
in the snow is not like an NC snow when it's 30 degrees.
So this was good enough for me!

NAS_1827 copy

NAS_1842 copy

NAS_1875 copy

DRT_5536 copy

I was totally into the worship space where the ceremony was held...

DRT_5576 copy

DRT_5584 copy

This man is ready to get married!

DRT_5802 copy

NAS_2318 copy

NAS_2360 copy

DRT_5840 copy

NAS_2543 copy

And the New Years Eve party begins!

NAS_2623 copy

NAS_2677 copy

NAS_2675 copy

Matt's sister is an AMAZING artist and sketched this picture of Matt and Melinda.
Can you believe that shading!? It's awesome.

NAS_2620 copy

This game is the best.

NAS_2705 copy

NAS_2695 copy

NAS_2700 copy

This is a true story: Angela did such an awesome job putting this wedding together that Melinda literally bowed to her awesomeness. This is seriously what is going on here.

NAS_2784 copy

DRT_6446 copy

NAS_3245 copy

DRT_6825 copy

Can someone send Beyonce a thank you note telling her that "Single Ladies" was a good idea and that wedding DJs everywhere worship her?

NAS_3606 copy

NAS_3828 copy

At midnight David grabbed these two shots. And I love them.


And they are outta there!!!


Matt and Melinda: Thank you for trusting us enough to fly us to your dry and snowy world to shoot your amazing New Years Eve wedding. We had the best time and we hope that you enjoyed your mini-moon!!

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Paul said...

Nice surprise at the end! I was like, "Whoa, hold on, is that...?"

Great pics as always!