Monday, February 22, 2010

Engagement Story: Sara and Elliot

The elements seemed to be against Sara and Elliot's engagement shoot... until we arrived on the scene Saturday and WOW we were so glad we waited for such a gorgeous day!

It is always fun to head down to the place I met my husband in order to document another couple's love- Campbell University! Like us, Sara and Elliot met each other and fell in love around campus so what better place to celebrate their engagement.

NAS_6928 copy

Sara told me in the beginning that she loves sun flare...
luckily the sun delivered and I tried to take advantage of that!

NAS_7038 copy

NAS_7102 copy

I am a huge fan of having different colored stones in an engagement ring. YUM!

NAS_7143 copy

NAS_7162 copy

There are so many personal, lovey moments that I caught between Sara and Elliot...
I love it when couples feel comfortable enough to let me into their world

NAS_7209 copy

NAS_7238 copy

Hanging out by Sara's old dorm
(since we couldn't go in- Campbell has strict coed visiting hours)

NAS_7271 copy

Engagement shoots are one of my FAVORITE types of shoots...
one reason being that I love it when couples show their personalities and parts of their love story during the shoot. Every couple has random details in their "how we met" story, and Elliot and Sara's are bouncy balls. Sara apparently threw a bouncy ball at Elliot and not too long after they were dating. Elliot loves this story and I love that he brought 100+ bouncy balls!

NAS_7328 copy

NAS_7355 copy

I also love it when a couple says they want to lay on the ground...
I ALWAYS love that :)

NAS_7404 copy

NAS_7413 copy

NAS_7421 copy


We got lucky and caught a security guard locking up the new chapel so we BEGGED him to let us in to take a few shots... surprisingly he said yes!

NAS_7541 copy

NAS_7576 copy

NAS_7593 copy

I like the pre-kiss, kiss and post-kiss moments...

NAS_7643 copy

NAS_7645 copy

NAS_7674 copy

I noticed this dreamy, secluded field on the way to Campbell and had a secret hope that Sara and Elliot would find it a fabulous idea. WHEW! They loved it- Sara even said it made her feel like she was in a Taylor Swift music video.

NAS_7758 copy

NAS_7859 copy

NAS_7942 copy

NAS_7968 copy

I happened to see this one on the back of the camera after I captured it and I knew exactly how I wanted it to look in the end. So warm and cozy in this moment...

NAS_8008 copy

NAS_7995 copy

NAS_8021 copy

NAS_8074 copy

NAS_8154 copy

Sara and Elliot: It was soooo fun getting to hang out with you guys tromping around campus and random fields. Elliot you were SUCH a good sport about doing anything we told you even though you were traveling by crutches. Most men could not have handled that :)

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m.j. aquino said...

love the shots. love the bouncy balls. and i think you made a D&G glasses ad worthy of publication as well.