Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Story: Minda and Erik

Where to begin raving about Minda and Erik's day?! Sweetest bride, kindest groom, professional wedding party (seriously these bridesmaids are all married and have been in a million weddings themselves-and they are just plain ol good people), beautiful venues, rockin' DJ, etc. MUST I GO ON?!

NAS_8448 copy

NAS_8483 copy

NAS_8592 copy

NAS_8962 copy

The wind picked up and the ladies felt like they were in the opening credits for a soap opera-- I totally get that feeling from this shot. Drama for sure. Except these girls are all way too sweet to be dramatic crazy women on a soap opera.

NAS_9026 copy

DRT_1621 copy

DRT_1684 copy

DRT_1786 copy

NAS_9122 copy

Highland United Methodist Church is beautiful inside...


NAS_9379 copy

NAS_9598 copy

I could NOT resist this candy store near the hotel...

NAS_9678 copy

NAS_9837 copy

NAS_9855 copy

The fabulous wedding party outside the reception venue, the Renaissance Hotel.

NAS_9737 copy

NAS_9794 copy

NAS_0105 copy

I loved getting to watch Erik's Mom with her best friends.
They were the best!

NAS_0286 copy

Sorry if your rings come back sticky and smelling like fruit...

NAS_1018 copy

NAS_1034 copy


Ken Holmes of Joe Bunn Dj's knew this party was going to be big and he kept it moving! It didn't hurt that everyone that came to this wedding was super fun AND like half of the guests were staying at the hotel that night. Oh yes.

NAS_0938 copy

DRT_3353 copy

Duh. They are re-enacting Dirty Dancing.

NAS_1593 copy


DRT_3477 copy

NAS_1636 copy

DRT_3478 copy

Minda and Erik: David and I had the best time with you and your people. It is such a gift to spend an entire Saturday with such kind and warm people. You have such a tight-knit family and friend system- it is beautiful to watch them support and love you two.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boudoir Story: New Location!

Ladies! I am SO very excited about this new Raleigh venue, "7". This place is AMAZING! You could totally throw a rockin' reception or party here. There is nothing like this in Raleigh- promise. When I first saw it my mind went STRAIGHT to boudoir shoots. So my good photog-friend April of Evoke Photography and I met with the owner, Catrina, and she is super excited about the idea of shooting boudoir in her fabulous space. Contact Catrina to book 7 for your event ASAP!

After the meeting April and I walked around the space and captured certain areas and angles that we knew would work perfectly for a boudoir shoot. I stuck with the natural lighting of the space to give you a better idea of the sensual feeling of this place through the internet. I have restructured pricing and product options for boudoir shoots so shoot me an email if you are interested in booking today!!! storyphotographers(@)

NAS_1647 copy

NAS_1649 copy

NAS_1651 copy

NAS_1652 copy

NAS_1654 copy

NAS_1657 copy

NAS_1658 copy

NAS_1694 copy

NAS_1661 copy

NAS_1690 copy

NAS_1667 copy

NAS_1669 copy

NAS_1672 copy

NAS_1673 copy

We like each other.

NAS_1679 copy

NAS_1680 copy

NAS_1683 copy

NAS_1686 copy

NAS_1698 copy

NAS_1700 copy

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bridal Story: Minda

Minda grew up hanging around downtown- her Dad's office is in downtown Raleigh, she had recitals at Memorial Auditorium, etc. It totally made sense to do her bridal around the city. Minda showed up with quite the entourage (you will see them at the end of this post) which can make me nervous having lots of people at a bridal shoot telling the bride how to pose and how to look. This crowd? They were all just super supportive and helpful and kept Minda smiling and laughing. Love them.





HAD to show off the red Jimmy Choos!!





While we had a plan of what spots we were going to use, as we passed by this blue door I knew we just HAD to use it. Turns out these were both mine and Minda's favorites :)
The first one Minda had printed as her portrait.







Minda's parents and many of her bridesmaids came out to help-- they were awesome!
I knew then that her wedding day was going to be perfection.