Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boudoir Story: New Location!

Ladies! I am SO very excited about this new Raleigh venue, "7". This place is AMAZING! You could totally throw a rockin' reception or party here. There is nothing like this in Raleigh- promise. When I first saw it my mind went STRAIGHT to boudoir shoots. So my good photog-friend April of Evoke Photography and I met with the owner, Catrina, and she is super excited about the idea of shooting boudoir in her fabulous space. Contact Catrina to book 7 for your event ASAP!

After the meeting April and I walked around the space and captured certain areas and angles that we knew would work perfectly for a boudoir shoot. I stuck with the natural lighting of the space to give you a better idea of the sensual feeling of this place through the internet. I have restructured pricing and product options for boudoir shoots so shoot me an email if you are interested in booking today!!! storyphotographers(@)gmail.com

NAS_1647 copy

NAS_1649 copy

NAS_1651 copy

NAS_1652 copy

NAS_1654 copy

NAS_1657 copy

NAS_1658 copy

NAS_1694 copy

NAS_1661 copy

NAS_1690 copy

NAS_1667 copy

NAS_1669 copy

NAS_1672 copy

NAS_1673 copy

We like each other.

NAS_1679 copy

NAS_1680 copy

NAS_1683 copy

NAS_1686 copy

NAS_1698 copy

NAS_1700 copy

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