Thursday, March 18, 2010

Personal Story: Home Decor

It is making me crazy that I have been doing several shoots lately that, for various reasons, I have to WAIT to blog. It's horrible. I just want you to see these gorgeous bridals and a really fun save the date shoot. Together we'll just tell ourselves to be patient, right?

One thing I have really gotten into lately is house design blogs. It all started with wedding design blogs. I love getting to look at other people's really cool weddings and the way that other's document those very cool weddings. Then I fell in love with - you might remember I linked up some photographer yummies from there before. Both of these things led to the discovery of some awesome design blogs: decor8 might be my favorite? Perfect timing as David and I had been in our new little duplex for a few months and I was dying to get some stuff up on the walls to make the place feel more at home. David has a great sense of style so together we have to navigate our different tastes to decide what actually gets to live on the walls of our home. We are getting there and I wanted to share with you some of the goodies we have found and where we found them!

Large view of the living room...
couches, both lamps, and two square black tables are from Ikea.
Orange chair was a free antique find.
Rug and tv stand are from Target.



These beauties are from Roll & Tumble Press on
Framing done by Powell Frame Shop in Garner, NC


Those windows have been in every place that David and I have lived together
and had been painted to match each place we lived.


David is a lover of all things natural and got SUPER excited when I found these butterflies on a design blog for his birthday. Again, you can find these in the shop BugUnderGlass.
Those little polaroids are from the SUPER fun Fuji Instax camera that David gave me for my birthday. We can't wait to collect more to put in the windows.


This is a little sneak peek into our kitchen. Our land lord has been so good to us and has given us lots of fun upgrades in the kitchen since we moved in. We looove the look of the kitchen.
The veggie canvas we found at the Pirates Chest here in Raleigh. The utensil magnet is from Ikea while the red canister and towel can currently be found at Target.


On the way out the door this is what David and I are reminded of...
(got this in Omaha while shooting a boudoir marathon)


More updates to come as we work on the space. Thanks for (cyber)visiting our place!


Vivian said...

I really enjoyed reading your article on your house designs. I especially liked the windows you've taken from each place both of you have lived together. Great pictures!

studio 310 said...

i love it!! i like the bright white walls and all the contrasty, bold colors.

J Horton said...

LOVE the place!! Those couches are awesome! I totally see your business (colors) inspiration in your every day life. AND... SO glad you got the Instax, we just love ours :-)

You've inspired me to dig out a window I got from Sertoma when they tore an old house down several years ago, and display it in our home somewhere :-)