Thursday, March 11, 2010

Social Story: Salvation Army Annual Report

Its that time of year again! For the past two years I have worked with The Salvation Army of Wake County and Springboard Eydo to complete the Army's annual report. I get to do smaller shoots for the army throughout the year but this project is something different that I always look forward to. I'm in my third year working with them and I am still learning all the different ways that the Salvation Army serves people. It is amazing all that they do!

Working on the annual report allows me to step outside of the portrait shooting that I do and into a more collaborative project. There are meetings between the designers at Springboard and the staff at Salvation Army. Then I come in a meet with Springboard and see what the vision and concepts are for the report. At each shoot I get to work together with someone from the army and designers from Springboard to make sure that the image is conveying the right message, will fit correctly into the layout, etc. I hand over the images to Springboard and they edit them to fit into the design. You have seen the report images for 2008 I have already posted, and while I am currently shooting the ones for 2010 I thought you might want to check out what images showed up in the 2009 report....








Diane said...

It looks amazing, as usual! I love the last picture of Wilbur carrying a food bag. I want to get my hands on a copy of that report. :)

studio 310 said...

really cool. thanks for sharing!!

erin said...

this is GREAT per usual for the STORY photographers.

love you guys.