Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wedding Story: Amber and Kris

It's officially wedding season for us here at Story Photographers! Saturday we kicked off 2010 with a fun, family filled wedding in Jacksonville, NC. Amber is David's cousin- the baby girl on that side of David's family. Everyone in the family was so excited to welcome Kris into the Teeter/Troupe/Hancock gang. Some people told us they thought we should have an easy since we were shooting for family- this was true in that not a thing went wrong and everyone was so genuinely happy for these two. However it was very important to me to still give Amber and Kris quality photography because HELLO I have to live with these people forever :) So not only do you get to see Amber and Kris' wedding day story, you also get a glimpse of David's sweet family!

I count 4 Ambers in this one...
... HELLO her hair looked rockin'

NAS_9378 copy

Amber could not, COULD NOT stop smiling. You couldn't pay her.

NAS_9548 copy

Look at me cheesin'! Hanging out in the girl's room with Joyce (bride's aunt, David's mom), Katie (David's brother's girlfriend), and David&Amber's Meemaw!

NAS_9613 copy

A sweet gift from the groom...

NAS_9755 copy

DRT_8280 copy

DRT_8324 copy

DRT_8552 copy

Amber and her Daddy waiting to go down the aisle...

NAS_9849 copy

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that I just love a man that can sow some emotion... there were plenty of those men at this wedding!
Look at how precious Kris was when he saw Amber come down the aisle...


NAS_9997 copy

NAS_0028 copy

David got to sit down the camera and sing a song
that is important to us during the ceremony...

NAS_0005 copy

I had to jump in and grab a shot with the beautiful bride :)

NAS_0446 copy

The wedding was on base and there were some
beautiful views of the water and natural areas...

NAS_0382 copy

NAS_0455 copy

NAS_0473 copy

NAS_0503 copy

NAS_0566 copy

NAS_0671 copy

I do not have many regrets so far in my short life
but I do regret not dancing with my Dad when he was alive...
Amber and her Daddy had everyone in tears!

DRT_9099 copy

NAS_1232 copy

When David showed me this cake shot he took I wanted to kiss him.
I think I did.

DRT_9369 copy

NAS_1474 copy

NAS_1553 copy

Being the best man and catching the garter is hard work.

DRT_9601 copy

David and I got a chance to do a little dancing...
and MAN did David work it out.

NAS_1764 copy

And so did David's Mom!
(Hey Joyce! Just HAD to show the world how much
you and David can be two peas in a pod)

DRT_9449 copy

David's sweet parents...

NAS_2219 copy

Amber and her Mom wore matching hair accessories

NAS_2145 copy

Closing shots...

NAS_2240 copy

Amber and Kris entering their home for the first time as husband and wife!

NAS_2360 copy

Kris has turned their garage into a serious man-cave...
and OFCOURSE I had to take advantage of this :)

NAS_2417 copy

NAS_2429 copy

Amber was SO excited about her Metallica Converses...

NAS_2463 copy

DISCLAIMER: I personally can't stand cigarette smoke...
however, Amber is a smoker and so I just had to work
in the badass factor with her laying on that bar!

NAS_2507 copy

NAS_2511 copy

NAS_2516 copy

NAS_2562 copy

Amber and Kris: Hope you are lounging on the beaches of Key West soaking up the sun for us up here in NC! David and I were so excited to be such a big part of your beautiful wedding day. Kris you are such a perfect addition to the family and we are thrilled to have you- it is beautiful how much you love Amber and respect her. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!


Caroline said...

This ring shot in the blended sand is my favorite ring shot so far...and I look at ALL of those shots because I think they're fun!

Paola and Wes said...

I am LOVING the blue and white and the fabulous ring shot! I think I recognize that area on base! Also, the smoking shots are pretty bad ass!!! Good ol' Jacksonville!!

J Horton said...

The ring shot & cake shot are both awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am a very dear friend of Joyce's. My name is Mari and I am so impressed by the talent of David and Ashley....wonderful photos...BRAVO! I especially liked the garage scenes and even more so the shot of Joyce and David...how precious. If I ever need quality photos I'm calling on u guys. God Bless and Congrats fellow Halloweeners!