Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Story: Autumn and Casey

Autumn is one of the sweetest people ever. EVER. David and I met Autumn at Campbell and had the privilege of leading worship with her at BSU and taking many of the same classes as her. We even lived with and traveled with Autumn one summer when we worked and lead worship for a youth camp together.

When David and I got married Autumn was serving as a missionary in Peru for two years and was unable to come to our wedding- we were SAD! We were MORE than excited to be asked to document Autumn and Casey's wedding day :) The weather was amazing and the wedding went off without a hitch! It was my first time visiting Southeastern Seminary's campus in Wake Forest and it was a beautiful spring scene for sure.

NAS_4350 copy

This cross is from Autumn's travels in Peru..

NAS_4427 copy

NAS_4586 copy


DRT_9890 copy

Autumn and Casey chose to see each other before the ceremony in order to have more time to complete the family, bridal party pictures and pictures of just Autumn and Casey. I love how relaxed the schedule feels when couples choose to do this on their wedding day!

NAS_4634 copy

Casey and Autumn's first moments seeing each other were so incredibly sweet...
I had the hardest time choosing which ones to share with you!
They started off the day smiling, laughing and praying together.


NAS_4734 copy

The honorary flower girl (aka Casey's niece) was SO over getting her picture taken...
though I think I was her favorite during the reception.

NAS_5065 copy

NAS_5236 copy

NAS_5314 copy

Autumn and Casey have so many special spots for them all over the seminary's campus...
hanging out at the missions center and getting engaged in front of the chapel...


... their first flirtatious encounter in the library at this vary table...

NAS_5597 copy

NAS_5682 copy

(... the yellow flowers in Autumn's bouquet are also known as Peruvian Lillies...)

NAS_5697 copy

... and the site of their first kiss...

NAS_5712 copy

Autumn and her Daddy waiting to walk down the aisle...

NAS_5752 copy

NAS_5957 copy

NAS_5977 copy

NAS_6025 copy


DRT_0837 copy

LOVE this shot David grabbed of the newlyweds looking out over the party...

DRT_0883 copy

I'll let you imagine what wedding advice this man is giving :)

DRT_0967 copy

Autumn and Casey went on a mission trip to India together and Autumn used the fabric from a sari that she was given to make table runners. There was special meaning in every detail at this wedding!

NAS_6333 copy

After their getaway we zoomed over to Wake Forest's downtown area to grab some shots with the last bit of sunlight...

NAS_6399 copy

NAS_6501 copy

NAS_6517 copy

Autumn calls this our "OMG we're married!" face- I love it!

NAS_6553 copy

NAS_6640 copy

Autumn and Casey: Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your sweet wedding day. It was so relaxed and lovely... FILLED with people who love you and will support you. What more could you ask for?!

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Charis said...

I love these pictures so much. You did a great job & the bride and groom look SO good together!
You guys are such awesome photographers!